Post-Graduate Resources


Congratulations! You will be completing or have completed a major in psychological science!

But now what?

Gustavus psychology majors tend to either pursue a career immediately upon graduation or apply for graduate school.

Is it one or the other?

On the contrary, many students will both work and attend graduate studies on a full-time or part-time basis.

What if I want to work and NOT go to graduate school?

That’s great! Gustavus’ primary goal is to help Gustie find suitable and stable careers. Throughout this section, students can find post-graduate job listings and career organizations within the field of psychology. 

Where do I begin to apply for graduate school?

Gustavus’ staff are more than willing to help you, even if they are not your primary advisor. Asking any staff within the department for help and/or making inquiries at the career center is a great place to start. We encourage students to also do independent research by visiting graduate program websites. Through research, students build understanding of admission requirements.

PSI CHI also hosts an annual panel of psychology professors for students to ask questions about the process. We recommend that students attend this during their Junior year. Additionally, this website also provides information about graduate school and its application process under the tab, “Graduate School.”