Directories and Other Resources for Career, Volunteer and Other Opportunities

Peace Studies

Career Resources for the PCDN Network:
Provides resources for employers, job seekers, and interns focused on international development, peace building, humanitarian relief, social entrepreneurship, international affairs, and more.

Directory for local and national job opportunities in conflict resolution

Global Campaign for Peace Education:
Provides educators seeking to implement peace education programs, curricula in multiple languages as well teacher training manuals. is a place for non-profit organizations, jobs, volunteers, and activists to connect. Idealist's vision states that they would like to live in a world where "no opportunities for action or collaboration are missed or wasted" and that is why it exists.

Peace, Peacebuilding and Peacelearning: A Holistic Introduction:
A free curriculum created by the National Peace Academic to help people create change in their personal lives, their communities, and the world at large.

Professional Development Resources for Peace Studies

University-Based Conflict and Peace Research and Educational Programs

More Resources and Volunteer Opportunities:

Bethren Volunteer Service

Committee Against Domestic Abuse (New Ulm, MN)

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Friends for a Non-Violent World (St. Paul, MN)

Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Non-Violent Peace Force (Minneapolis, MN)

Notre Dame Student Peace Conference

Peace House Community (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Plowshares Institute

Wisconsin Institute for Peace for Peace and Conflict Studies

Women against Military Madness (St. Paul, MN)