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Chemistry Department Student Worker Job Descriptions

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are present during each of the teaching labs to assist students. An important function of the TA during lab is to actively engage students and provide a line of communication between the student and the instructor. At the end of each lab period, the TA is responsible for making sure that equipment is turned off and that the students leave the lab space clean. Most TA positions involve some amount of grading. 


As a tutor in the Chemistry Department, you will encounter both individual students, as well as groups of students who come in asking for help with homework or needing clarification of lecture or lab concepts. Students will mainly be enrolled in Principles of Chemistry or Organic Chemistry courses, but students in all chemistry courses are welcome to use the tutor room service. The most important function of a tutor is to make sure that all students receive the help they need.

Stockroom Worker

Students working in the stockroom do a variety of tasks that assist in the functioning of the department, especially the introductory sequence of labs. As a Stockroom Worker, your primary responsibility will be to “clerk” the stockroom window. Students will be regularly checking out items such as glassware, hardware, and sometimes unknowns. You may also be asked to help out with lab preparation (preparing solutions, keeping labs clean and stocked with necessary materials), maintaining chemical inventories, running errands, keeping the stockroom organized, and washing glassware.

Department Office Worker

As a Department Office Assistant, you may be asked to help out with word processing, data entry, copying, scanning, picking up and distributing mail and packages, posting department flyers, updating bulletin boards, and completing other miscellaneous tasks.

Solutions Preparer, Biochemistry

As the Biochemistry solutions preparer, you will make the solutions associated with the CHE-255 laboratory. You will be trained in solutions preparation and provided with a solutions list for the semester, including the composition and quantity of the solution required for each laboratory. You will prepare the necessary solutions for each week of CHE-255 laboratory at a convenient time, at least four hours in advance of the first laboratory of the week. Solutions preparation will be required for most weeks during the first 2/3 of the semester.

Biochemistry/Proteins Dishwasher

As the dishwasher, you will wash the dishes associated with the CHE-255 and/or CHE-360 laboratories. You will be trained in the washing of glassware and other items associated with the laboratories. You will wash dishes, put away the dry, clean dishes, and fill the water carboys during your shift. Dishwashing will be required for most weeks during the semester, but the number and type of dishes will vary from week to week.   

Student Summer Worker

The summer student worker is expected to be reliable, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and have a solid chemistry background. This student works with various department staff and faculty in a number of ways including, but not limited to: lab research (for curriculum development and maintenance), stockroom assistance (inventory of chemicals and equipment, stockroom maintenance, mailroom pick-up/delivery of chemicals and supplies, assisting with summer order of lab supplies, etc.), and department office assistance (mailroom pick-up/delivery, copying, scanning, data entry, etc.).


Federal, state, institutional, or special approval work study


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