Staff Biographies

Project-Based Learning Institute

Dr. Kimberly Meyer

Kimberly Meyer joined the Education Department in 2015 as the Teacher Admissions and Field Placement Coordinator. She advises education students, coordinates practicum and student teaching placements, and teaches educational seminars and classes. Her current research focuses on project-based learning, students’ perceptions of their life skills development through project-based learning, and integration of project-based learning through various curriculum models. Other research interests include curriculum and instruction and assessment.

As an elementary teacher, Kim taught Kindergarten through sixth grade in North Carolina and Minnesota. She has served as a K–8 and K–12 principal in both urban and rural school districts, and was an Assistant Professor of Education in Iowa before coming to Gustavus. Kim enjoys spending time with her family and friends as much as possible. Her favorite pastime is being on the water (salt or freshwater) – paddle boarding, boating, or kayaking. When she can’t be in or by a lake or ocean, she enjoys landscaping, reading, and traveling.

Mrs. Gigi Dobosenski

Mrs. Gigi Dobosenski has over 15 years experience working with students in Individualized Project Based Learning, a model which is based on student-centered learning. In addition to teaching students, Gigi has also coached other teachers and programs across the country in the use of Project Based Learning as one of many individualized learning tools. Gigi has served on CEU committees, work with Minnesota Department Education on Project Based Learning, served on the Minnesota Online and Digital Learning Advisory Council, and has presented for the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs, Minnesota Charter School Conference, and EdVisions Schools. Gigi is currently an Advisor and Co-Director at EdVisions Off Campus, a public online charter school. Gigi has a Masters in Teaching and Administrative License through Minnesota State University Mankato.