Misti Harper


Visiting Assistant Professor in History

Misti Nicole Harper earned her Ph.D. in History from the University of Arkansas in 2017.  A women's historian who specializes in race and gender, Harper’s current book project is titled And They Entered As Ladies: When Race, Class and Black Femininity Intersected at Central High School.  When she is not teaching or writing, Harper is probably spending time with her family, watching sports, or arguing that Zeke is the most underrated character on Bob's Burgers.  


Ph.D., History: University of Arkansas, 2017; MA, History: University of Central Arkansas, 2011; BA, Theatre: University of the Ozarks, 2004

Courses Taught

GWS-141 (Women in the U.S.); GWS-238 (Gender/Sexuality in Am); HIS-141 (Women in the United States: Private Lives, Public Lives); HIS-238 (Gender and Sexuality in the United States); and HIS-334 (Local Civil Rights)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
HIS-141 Women in the United States: Private Lives, Public Lives 2 2018/FA
GWS-141 Women in the U.S. 2 2018/FA
HIS-238 Gender and Sexuality in the United States 1 2019/SP
HIS-140 Us History Since Civil War 1 2019/SP
GWS-238 Gender/Sexuality in Am 1 2019/SP
HIS-232 Black History Matters 1 2019/SP
HIS-208 Prince, Sex & Race 1 2019/JN