Kay Moline ’56

Alumni and Emeriti

Professor Emerita in Nursing

Favorite Gustavus professor: Professors Arne Lansgean and Art Glass were great science professors.

As a student, you’d find me: In biology and chemistry labs.

Why I joined the Alumni Board: I wanted to help with issues important to the College and to me.

The future of Gustavus is exciting because: Of the caring and very intelligent people who are part of the Gustavus community. In addition, I am excited by our core values, including great faculty and the commission to “Make Your Life Count.”

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
WOM-244 ST:Women Hlth/Healing 4 2004/SP, 2003/SP, 2002/SP, and 2001/SP
WOM-224 Staying Alive 3 2007/SP, 2006/SP, and 2005/SP
FTS-100 First Term Seminar 3 2000/FA and 1999/FA
NUR-384 Complex Systems Lab 2 2000/SP and 1999/SP
NUR-384 Complex Systems 2 2000/SP and 1999/SP
NUR-350 Clinical 1 1999/FA
Courses prior to Spring semester 1999 are not displayed.