Reflection Questions via InterviewStream

You will be assigned questions to be answered and recorded through InterviewStream, which can be accessed using your Gustavus email address. For more information, watch this Webshop. These questions are designed to help you reflect on your internship and learn to articulate what you have learned and gained from your experience. These skills will be crucial when interviewing for your next internship or a job after graduation.
InterviewStream requires the use of a webcam. If you do not have a webcam, the Center for Servant Leadership has a interview room where you can record your answers in private.


Informational Interviews

Additionally, you will be required to complete two informational interviews. Informational interviews should be conducted with individuals whose careers are in the industry you are considering. Through the interview, you will want to learn more about the career path and the true nature of the work involved. These are great networking opportunities as well.

Click here for information on conducting an informational interview.


Updated Resume (Semester Internships)

Upload an updated resume with three to five bullet points describing your internship to Gustie Jobs. Career Development has resume information available online or in the Center for Servant Leadership. It is beneficial to update your resume while your job duties and experiences from your internship are still fresh.



At the end of the internship, your site supervisor will fill out an evaluation of your work. Ideally, the two of you will sit down to discuss the evaluation and how the experience went for each of you. The site supervisor will need to sign the form and return it to Career Development, where a copy will be kept on file and another sent to your faculty sponsor.
Click here for a copy of the Site Supervisor Evaluation Form.


Due Dates

Assignment deadlines will be reviewed at your internship or career exploration orientation. Click here for a list of assignments and deadlines for the Interim 2014 Career Exploration Requirements.

Updated 1/7/2014 JMV