Business Career Interest Cluster Area

About the Career Area:

Technology-related careers differ vastly across functions and industries. Careers can include the following areas:

  • Data Scientist - individuals who can evaluate data to help companies make business decisions, see analytics for more information.
  • Software Developer/Web Developer - designs mobile apps, websites and operating systems that are driven by technology.
  • Information Security Analyst - secure information that is accessible electronically.
  • Computer Systems Analyst & Support Professionals - design and install new computer systems, professionals troubleshoot technical and IT problems.
  • Network & Systems Administrator - manage day operations for technology installation, maintentance and internal networks.

Additional Information:

Exploring the Career Area:

  • Available classes: Intro to Computer Science, Introduction to Computer Organization, Principles of Programming Languages, Software Development, Applied Business Analytics.
  • Available opportunities: on campus internships and student employment with Gustavus Technology Services (GTS), Media Services, and event production.
  • Available organizations: Gustavus Coding Club, Departmental research, KGSM, United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Gustavus Student Chapter.