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Arts and Communication TriangleArts and Communication

Careers that combine creative expression and interpersonal skills to create innovative work.

Industries include: Administration (Arts), Advertising, Architecture, Art Therapy, Creative Writing, Film and Entertainment, Graphic Design, Journalism and Media, Museums and Galleries, Public Relations, Publishing, Visual and Performing Arts.

Business TriangleBusiness

Careers that are connected to the operations and administration of organizations, essentially helping to make an organization run productively and efficiently.

Industries include: Accounting, Consulting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Sales and Marketing.

Education TriangleEducation

Careers that involve working with children and adults and incorporate the sharing of knowledge and information to impact learning.

Industries include: K-12, Higher Education, Teaching Abroad.

Government TriangleGovernment and Social Services

Careers that involve serving individuals and communities locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Industries include: Advocacy, Community Organizations, Counseling and Mental Health Services, Government, International Development/Humanitarian, Law, Military, Ministry, Public Policy, Social Justice.

Heath TriangleHealth Professions

Careers areas that focus on patient care.

Industries include: Dentistry, Medicine (MD-Allopathic), Medicine (DO-Osteopathic), Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Medicine.

STEM TriangleScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Careers that are focused on solving abstract problems, analyzing ideas, conducting research, and utilizing technology.

Industries include: Science (Agriculture, Animal, Biology, Chemical, Environmental, GIS, Research/Laboratory), Technology (Computer Science, IT, Software), Engineering, Mathematics (Data Analysis, Statistics).

Undecided TriangleStill Deciding

Exploring majors and careers is an important part of the career development process that includes assessing yourself and gaining experiences to help build confidence in decision-making.


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