Stress & Mental Health


The Wellbeing Center is dedicated to developing innovative approaches for students to care for their stress and mental health-related concerns. Stress is an inevitable part of being a Gustie—and it can take a toll on your physical, emotional, relational, and intellectual wellbeing unless managed appropriately. We recognize that students are experiencing changes in lifestyle, increased workload, new responsibilities, and interpersonal relationships that require successful coping strategies. We’re here to help! Priorities include:

  1. Student Awareness. We raise awareness about the impact of stress, anxiety, and depression on their ability to learn, function, and succeed. Our peer-led education and support efforts are important components of stress reduction, mental health promotion and a decrease of stigma toward mental illness.
  2. Student Assistance. We expand the development and utilization of holistic interventions as a supplement to more traditional mental health treatments. We assist students with building skills to reduce manifestations of stress and emotional adjustment problems.
  3. Assessment and Evaluation. Assessment and evaluation help us define the problem and determine how successful current approaches are at decreasing stress and mental health problems.
  4. Environmental Management. We are promoting a campus culture and environment that encourages inclusiveness and support to augment campus mental health services to improve outcomes for students. We engage employees in learning more about how they can positively impact student mental health by recognizing symptoms of depression to help increase treatment-seeking behaviors among students.
  5. Treatment. The Wellbeing Center serves students with treatment for mental health problems through a collaborative approach with the following entities: primary care in Health Service and the Counseling Center; case management in the Dean of Students Office; and partnerships with high-quality mental health clinicians within the greater St. Peter community.


Beyond the programs and tips from the Wellbeing Center team, we encourage you to explore other campus services if you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, or other mental health issues. Services include primary care in Health Service, mental health screenings and counseling services in the Counseling Center, and our 24-hour Campus Safety Team.


Never Too Busy to Relax
Learn what causes stress, how your body is affected by stress, and how to counter these effects. The program includes discussion on the nine dimensions of wellbeing as well as interactive stress-busters and relaxation techniques. Come to have fun and relax. Presented by the Peer Assistants.

What Could I Do with my Life?
This workshop is interactive and allows for reflection on the big questions in life. It gives participants the opportunity to look at not what they should do with their lives but what they CAN do with them. Through activities and conversation the workshop allows participants to evaluate all the doors open to them. Facilitated by the Peer Assistants.




Self Esteem

Self Injury