Safe & Healthy Environment


The Gustavus campus setting includes many social and physical factors that influence wellbeing. Many health issues—such as violence and unintentional injury, transportation safety, and the risk of communicable disease—affect not only an individual but also the entire campus community. It is critical for Gustavus to focus on risk reduction strategies and proactive approaches for health and safety issues common to all students and employees.

  1. Student Awareness. We disseminate information about preventive measures that can minimize the number of people affected viral infections, and lessen the negative impact these illnesses have on personal and academic functioning. Viral infections, such as colds and influenza, are common among college students, with an estimated influenza incidence of approximately 9% to 20%. Flu-like illness is associated with increased health care use, substantial decline in health status, and impaired academic performance. Despite the proven benefit of influenza vaccination, the immunization rate for Gustavus students (57%) has been consistently below the Healthy People 2020 goal (80%).
  2. Student Assistance. We increase the number of bystanders able and willing to intervene on behalf of a student in crisis. A bystander could be a student or employee who has information about a person in distress or a situation with the potential to become dangerous. Our peer-led bystander intervention program offers behavior modeling to increase students’ perceived ability to step in on behalf of a peer, and to strengthen students’ confidence and intention to intervene. Empowering students with the tools and resources to aid and support their peers is necessary to cultivate a safe and healthy campus.
  3. Assessment and Evaluation. Assessment and evaluation help us determine how successful current peer-led approaches are at increasing students’ perceived ability to step in on behalf of a peer, and to strengthen students’ confidence and intention to intervene.
  4. Environmental Management. We help promote a campus culture and community that does not tolerate violence. We are taking proactive measures to prevent harassment, discrimination, and violence; and to ensure that students and employees are able to recognize and respond appropriately to these types of behaviors. We are part of a comprehensive system for disseminating violence and injury prevention information that includes bystander training, social marketing, and theater. We are also dedicated to improving opportunities for self-powered transportation among students. By helping create a setting more conducive to safe walking, cycling, or other transportation, we encourage students to use active modes of transportation.

Gustavus Tobacco-Free Initiative

Gustavus has not yet adopted a tobacco-free policy that supports a healthy environment for all members of the Gustavus community. This policy would prohibit the use of all types of tobacco products in all college buildings and on all college-owned properties, including parking lots, garages, and all outside areas. We support a tobacco-free Gustavus.



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