Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Contemplative Practices Initiative


At Gustavus, we have taught MBSR and other forms of meditation to students in the Counseling Center, the Diversity Center, the Chaplain’s Office, the Center for Vocational Reflection, and within some academic courses. However, to date, there has not been an institutionalized and sustained commitment to developing a campuswide MBSR program or a more comprehensive mindfulness/contemplative practice initiative. The Gustavus Wellbeing Initiative provides an ideal opportunity to advance our College’s commitment to these endeavors.

The Gustavus Wellbeing Initiative has identified several avenues from which to approach the integration of MBSR into life on Campus for students:

  • Introduce MBSR to first-year students through FTS, New Student Orientation, and other academic courses.
  • Offer MBSR as an activities credit.
  • Offer various workshops and other non-credit classes exploring the intersection between mindfulness and each of the nine core dimensions of wellbeing.
  • Develop contemplative practices January Interim Experience offerings.
  • Develop a Mindfulness lecture series.