Stress Busters


Relax and socialize, decrease feelings of stress and loneliness, and create a warm environment with Stress Busters and Stress Kits.

Stress Busters Overview

Stress Busters are a group of students who provide a variety of resources to help students manage stress in fun and interactive ways: giving brief shoulder, neck, and head massages; teaching basic massage technique classes; and producing Stress Kits.

How To Get Involved

All events offered by Stress Busters are FREE to students with event information available online at, on the Wellbeing Center's social media sites, or in the Wellbeing Center. To join the Stress Busters team, contact the Wellbeing Center at

Stress Kits

Stress Kits contain effective and fun stress-relieving supplies to use for study breaks, meetings, and much more! Items include:

  • Spoonk Acupressure Mat
  • Yoga Mat with Instructions
  • Play Doh
  • Deck of Cards
  • Stress Balls
  • Aromatherapy Oil
  • Coloring Sheets and Crayons
  • Stress Management book
  • Massage tools

Rent A Stress Kit?

Stress kits are FREE and available to all students. Stop in the Wellbeing Center to complete the rental form and gain access to a kit for three days.

"This is such a great idea! The range of items is really cool and I particularly liked the Spoonk mat. The kit helped me take time to naturally calm down and feel better"

-Anna Wiltse, Nursing Major