1.3.10 Writing Program Advisory Committee

The Writing Program Advisory Committee, chaired by the WAC Director, consists of one representative from each of the five academic divisions. Committee membership should include a cross-section of the faculty. The Director of the Writing Center and Director of FTS serve as ex-officio members of the committee.

All members of the Writing Committee should, ideally, already be approved to teach WRIT courses on campus. Members are appointed for a term of two years. Terms are staggered to ensure that the entire committee does not turn over at once.

Members 2009–2010
Position/Division Member
Chair Deborah Goodwin (Director-WAC)
Fine Arts  
Social Science  
Natural Science & Math  
Ex-Officio Sujay Rao (FTS)
Ex-Officio ___________(Director of Writing Center)

The committee's primary function is advisory. The committee provides structured feedback to the Writing Director as s/he guides the college's Writing Across the Curriculum program. The committee will offer advice regarding WAC faculty development efforts, read and review WAC documents (reports, brochures, policy statements), and assist with the development of a regular WAC program assessment plan. Finally, the Writing Committee will re-assess the use of the FTS handbook every five years.