Rubrics and Analysis Checklists Used Within WAC Assessment Project

Prepared by Jeanne Herman, Director of WAC, 2008-2011

Although analyzing the closed-ended Student Pre and Post-WRITD Course surveys was relatively easy using standard statistical tools, analysis of the open-ended Faculty Survey, Course Syllabi and Writing Materials, and Student Writing Samples was much more complex. Following an extensive online search of writing programs across the country, the committee had no choice but to develop useful tools appropriate to this assessment process. We discovered that outside of portfolio-style assessments, most programs were not attempting to gather direct evidence of improvement in student writing. The checklists/tools listed below were then developed by Jeanne Herman with input from members of the Writing Program Advisory Committee (WPAC). Multiple drafts were generated, tested, and eventually adopted for use within the assessment process. The tools were very useful in helping us apply rubrics so that data could be analyzed.

Tool - Student Pre and Post-Course Surveys

  • Standard statistical analyses were used.

Tool - Analysis of Faculty Survey

Tool - Analysis of Student Papers –Modified AACU Rubric

Tool - Analysis of Sample Course Syllabi/Writing Materials