Warning Signs of Sexual Misconduct

Title IX

General Warning Signs of Trauma

  • Withrawn from work, class, activities, friend groups
  • Sudden Isolation
  • Depression
  • Increased Anxiety
  • Numbness or seem to be on "auto-pilot"
  • Hypervigilant
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Avoiding certain places or people
  • Sudden eradic reactions to certain sights, sounds, smells, and other sensory objects/experiences (could be triggering a flashback)
  • Irritableness
  • Increased interest or desensitation to violent imagery/stories or a strong fearful reaction to violent imagery/stories

Warning Signs of Sexual Assault (non-consensual contact and/or penetration)

  • Someone grabbing another without their consent
  • Overhearing inappropriate and explicit sexual comments or jokes aimed at an individual
  • Someone stating they "hooked-up" with someone that is intoxicated or plan to do so.
  • Someone testing another person's personal boundaries
  • Someone showing uncomfortability to another's advances

Warning Signs of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Seeing bruises on someone's body
  • Someone changing their dress to cover up the body
  • Hearing comments about someone’s partner being angry, controlling, jealous or someone making comments about exhibiting these behaviors to their partner
  • Hearing comments about someone’s partner having control over money and personal items such as keys, cell phone, etc. or someone making comments about having control of their partner’s things
  • Overhearing heated arguments
  • Someone's phone consistently receiving call and/or texts from their partner "checking-in" or asking about their whereabouts

Warning Signs of Stalking

  • Someone receiving unwanted gifts
  • Someone showing up and lingering outside classrooms or offices
  • Someone knowing an abundance of personal information about another that they would not have access to
  • Comments about tracking someone on social media or that someone is tracking an employee or student on social media
  • Overhearing comments like "They keep showing up uninvited" or "They will not leave me alone" or "They're obsessed"

Warning Signs of Sexual Exploitation

  • Hearing someone blackmailing another with that person’s sexual past
  • Hearing about or seeing video, audio, or pictures of a sexual nature without the consent of all the people in the video/audio/picture