Comments from 3 Crowns Students

"If you took all the Gustavus classes, professors, and students and distilled them down to the brightest, funniest, and most interesting, the Three Crowns Curriculum would be the final product." Emily Persons '12
"There is a great sense of community. All of the Three Crowns classes know each other. No one is anonymous in this program. The professors really know each and every student. They take an interest in us as people." Jessica Burggraf '15
"What I loved most about the Three Crowns Curriculum was the community of learners that developed. After a few classes together, my sequence really learned to trust each other, to agree or disagree openly, to debate fiercely in class and then laugh over lunch. We reached a level of discussion that just doesn’t happen in most general classes. I loved being able to open my mind and bare my soul to a group of people I could really respect, and knew respected me." Bethany Ringdal '11

Minnesota Institute of Arts

"After completing the Three Crowns Curriculum, I can easily have a conversation about almost anything with anyone. Three Crowns is one of the most worthwhile and rewarding experiences I had in college. It challenged me in ways that no other experience did, such as talking about ethics and morality with a group of philosophers, physicists, theologians, chemists, historians, etc., in my Senior Seminar." Sean Tessmer '11
"As I came from an Accounting Major and Spanish Minor, the Three Crowns Curriculum was a great opportunity to have deep, meaningful, and academic discussions with a group of people whom I knew. Having Three Crowns classes to talk about in papers, applications, and interviews diversified me in the eyes of law school admissions in ways my other classes couldn’t." Hannah Fischer '12
"Three Crowns really helped me feel comfortable in the classroom. Normally, I don't enjoy causing a debate during a class discussion. But, by being so close with my classmates, I learned more taking these classes together than I expected, specifically with the increase in dialogue and fun debates. I took this confidence with me to my other courses as well." Claire Sagstuen '11
"It is more than just fulfilling general requirements. It is relating classes to other classes and to one's own personal experience." Chelsea Farr '15
"The nature of the classes has taught me to think for myself, not regurgitate." Drew Ajer '12
"On the first day of any Three Crowns class, conversation comes more readily because you all know each other. I have made some lasting friendships with other Three Crowns students and professors." Eric Halvorson '13
"I leave Gustavus with the feeling that Three Crowns was by far the most valuable academic experience at Gustavus and the best part of Gustavus for me. Most definitely Three Crowns provides the general education program that is far more important than the major." Annalise Dobbelstein '14
"I like the variety and openness of discussions that can be hard to find in CI classes." James Freetly '12
"What Three Crowns means to me...getting the opportunity to have the best profs at Gustavus and getting to know an amazing group of people well enough to have intellectual discussions and disagreements and yet still remain friends at the end of the day. Truly Three Crowns is about connections, between ancient literature and contemporary issues, between the classroom and the dorm room, between inspiring professors and interesting students, and especially between students, building friendships that will last a lifetime." Amanda McCourt '12
"Three Crowns allowed me to find a group of individuals who came from all walks of life but who were all interested in seeking a comprehensive and integrative approach to learning. Between the conversations within classes--which inevitably spilled over into dinner or into the late evening--as well as the yearly retreats, I was challenged to see the connections between various subjects and the interplay that shaped politics, society, and culture. I formed strong friendships that still last today." Dan Mellema '11