Midwest Faculty Seminar Gustavus Nomination Application

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The Midwest Faculty Seminar supports cross-disciplinary discussion and inspires new approaches to research, teaching, and collaboration. The opportunity to attend the yearly symposia is open to faculty campus wide. The four seminars each year will focus on topics within the mission of liberal arts education. Four nominees from the Gustavus Faculty can attend a seminar annually. Applications for nomination are made to the Gustavus MFS Selection Committee. Please complete the online application below.


If you are nominated, you will be contacted by email with further instructions on how to complete your application and registration with MFS.

For further information contact:
Lori Carsen Kelly, Director: lcarsenk@gustavus.edu
Three Crowns Curriculum e-mail: 3cc@gustavus.edu
MFS Homepage: http://mfs.uchicago.edu/?conference.html

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