A 3 Crowns Graduate's Experience

Although Three Crowns was the first decision I made upon entering Gustavus, it was my best decision. The Three Crowns Curriculum is an incredible signature program unique only to Gustavus. If you like engaging deeply with ideas and people, this is the curriculum for you.

Though I now brim with Gustie pride and always sport my Gustie attire, I hold a special place in my heart for the Three Crowns Curriculum. For me, some of the highlights include—

  1. Spending four years with 60 Three Crowns students; forming close relationships, engaging in thought-provoking and meaningful conversations, and challenging each other to think outside of what is generally accepted.
  2. Learning from the most personable, memorable, and intelligent professors on campus. These professors were especially passionate about expanding our conception of the world and allowing us to grow into articulate, well-rounded students. I knew that if I had a problem, needed advice, or just wanted to go to coffee with someone, I could always count on one of my Three Crowns professors.
  3. Partaking in several Three Crowns trips to places like the Guthrie Theater, the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Theatre in the Round, Saint John’s Abbey, and the Koinonia Retreat Center. We also had barbeques, banquets, games, movies, and outdoor activities that were always a blast!

At the heart of the Three Crowns Curriculum is its record of academic excellence and its dedication to the liberal arts. Three Crowns asks the big questions, like:

  1. What can we learn about a piece of literature, music, or art from its historical context?
  2. What constitutes moral behavior?
  3. Who or what has impacted our sense of identity and our role in the world?
  4. How can we live our lives in a mindful way that allows us to be conscious of our role as global citizens?

Looking back as a Three Crowns graduate, I couldn’t be more grateful for the network of theories, students, and professors that this program has provided me with. This curriculum gave me knowledge and experiences that enabled me to form connections, ideas, and values that will remain with me throughout my entire life.


Amanda McCourt
Class of 2012