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3 Crowns Curriculum

Amy Painting

"Naturally, when I was approached with the idea of creating graphic art to adorn the 3 Crowns Curriculum booklets and website, I was thrilled. I wanted my work to convey the interconnectedness of all of the disciplines exemplified in the 3 Crowns Curriculum, as well as the vast amount of material that the courses cover. One of my greatest aesthetic goals was to reflect the sense of harmony among all of the elements of the 3 Crowns, as well as to illustrate the way in which the Curriculum melds all of the disciplines together. It is my wish that prospective students may look at the work and feel compelled to enter the lush academic world that awaits them in the 3 Crowns Curriculum.

"The project was done in close collaboration with 3 Crowns professors, predominantly Lori Carsen Kelly, the Director of the 3 Crowns Curriculum. The imagery came from many sources. We pulled images from great works of art, book covers, ancient documents, and historical photographs to name a few. We brainstormed which iconic figures aligned with 3 Crowns courses and material, sent pictures and ideas back and forth, and met periodically to discuss the creation process. I believe my final artwork captures the heart and soul of the liberal arts."

—Amy Harvey '15

"Amy is a very talented artist with an infectious smile, creative mind, and open demeanor. Our work together, both in class and on this project, embodies the kind of collaborative relationship between faculty and students that our program nurtures. Amy was able to take our images and vision and execute an unbelievably beautiful set of art pieces, which Three Crowns will treasure for many years to come. Each piece comes together to exquisitely represent important aspects of our intensive core curriculum, such as Classics, Religion, Philosophy, and Science; History and Politics; and Arts and Literature."

—Lori Carsen Kelly, Director, 3 Crowns Curriculum


"My name is Amy Harvey and I am an Art Education major here at the beautiful Gustavus Adolphus College. I had the great honor of being asked to create the artwork that embellishes the 3 Crowns Curriculum booklets and website. I grew up in the sleepy town of New Prague, Minnesota. Throughout the years of my education, I was perpetually interested in the study of art. As a junior in high school, I transferred from New Prague to The Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley to become completely immersed in the world of art. However, I was also wildly curious about many of the subjects I was studying concurrently, like literature, history, and science. I chose to go to Gustavus to further my education and understanding, and 3 Crowns was a perfect way to pursue all of my diverse academic and personal goals.

"When I received my invitation to join the 3 Crowns Curriculum upon admission to Gustavus, it stirred something in me. I was very interested in the program’s mission to reveal connections among all the academic disciplines, as well as to forge connections among the students by allowing us to take courses together throughout our four years at Gustavus. I joined the program with excitement. By the end of my first semester, I was incredibly thankful that I had made the decision to join the 3 Crowns Curriculum. The amount that students learn in 3 Crowns is astounding. Not only do we learn volumes about the subject matter, but the courses themselves also become journeys of self-discovery through introspection. All of our professors are passionate about their work and strive to encourage each and every student to find their voice as they become well-rounded persons and citizens of the world."

—Amy Harvey ‘15