3 Crowns Curriculum Application

3 Crowns Curriculum Group

Dear Newest Members of the Three Crowns Community,

Welcome. And when we say welcome we mean welcome! We still remember the day we first decided to join Three Crowns, and if that wasn’t the best decision we three ever made, then we’d be lying because it was the best decision we three ever made.

In the Three Crowns Curriculum, you will be a part of the best classes with the best professors this college can provide. By staying with the same classmates for all four years, you’ll be able to have really great discussions (and arguments) with your friends and classmates. Like a fine wine, they will only get better and more complex as you age with your peers. Some of our debates lasted long into lunch afterwards. We can honestly say that none of our classes have the same quality of participation as the ones we have in Three Crowns.

This community that you have fallen into extends far beyond the classroom. Many of our classmates in Three Crowns have become our closest friends. From the free retreats where we play Cards Against Humanity with the profs, to barbecues at Professor Kranking’s house, the Three Crowns community is one of the best parts of this campus. We’re so excited to have you be a part of it!! We look forward to meeting you at Orientation, the barbecues, and the weekend retreats next year!

“Ignoring all of my other accomplishments, Three Crowns was by far my greatest achievement” - King Gustavus Adolphus

Best Wishes!
Owen VanderBilt, Jane Skodje, and Amos Johnson

This unique way to fulfill general education requirements for graduation is available to any entering first-year student. 
To apply to the Three Crowns Curriculum, please choose CUR-100: Transformations, Values, and Identity as your top seminar choice on the Curriculum Choice page of your online Registration Preference form. You will be asked to complete the Registration Preference form prior to new student registration.