General Information

Reservations may be made via phone by dialing "0" from a campus phone, via e-mail at, or in person at the Switchboard Office (Room 26, Lower level of Olin Hall). Vehicles are reserved on a “first come-first served” basis. Please make your reservations as early as possible. E-mail reservations will be viewed during regular motor pool office hours.

Reservations should include the following information:

  • Day, date, year when making request
  • Person making reservation
  • Person using reservation
  • Department
  • Number of people traveling **
  • Day, date and time of departure
  • Day, date and time of return
  • Destination

Gustavus Vehicle Driver Certification Request

** All drivers must fill out a Driver History Form and be appropriately Gustavus certified according to vehicle policy. The drivers must have their certified training card and ID with them when driving a college vehicle. Certification is obtained through the Telecommunications/Motor Pool Office (x6265) or by registering on this link:

Utility/Golf Cart Driver Certification

This certification was added May 1, 2018 for all persons using/driving College Utility/Golf carts on campus. 

  • Certification is requested as noted above using the link listed for other vehicles.
  • Training should be conducted by the supervisor and documentation returned to Scott Reiten, Environmental Health and Safety officer.
  • Contact x7494 with any Golf cart training questions.

Vehicle Authorization and Invoice Form

A Vehicle Authorization and Invoice form should be completed for each vehicle of each reservation. The form is available below. Please complete Section 1 of the form with the department account number to which mileage will be charged, and bring the form with you to check out keys.**

**IMPORTANT: Please print out and bring form(s) with you to check out keys. Student groups will need an advisor signature as well on Section 1 before keys are issued.

Vehicle Authorization Invoice Form

Driver History Form

***NOTE: College vehicles may not be checked out for personal use.

Motor Pool Fleet 

 Capacity count for vehicles includes the driver as well.

  • Five-person sedans/cars
  • Seven-person minivans
  • Eight-person van with extra cargo room
  • Ten-person vans

Pricing (As of June 1, 2023)


Vehicle Type Price
Cars $.65 per mile
Mini and 8-10 Person Vans $.70 per mile
Minimum Charge on all vehicles $25.00
Reimbursement for using your own vehicle (1/1/2023) $.655 per mile

Additional Charges:

Additional Service Price
Removal of seats $15.00
Late Return $15.00 per day
Vehicle not cancelled in advance $15.00
Minimum clean-up $25.00
Lost Key Replacement Charge
No recorded mileage Estimated mileage + $25.00
Rates and charges are subject to change without prior notice.

Bus Rental

Please contact the Switchboard at x0 (on-campus) or (507) 933-8000 (off-campus) for current options.

Vehicle Rental

Please contact the Switchboard at x0 (on-campus) or (507) 933-8000 (off-campus) for information on college/Enterprise rental agreement and policy.

Note: As with any vehicle driven for college purposes, it is the driver and passenger(s) responsibility to travel within the Gustavus General Vehicle Policy recommendations as representatives of the college. Failure to do so will result in reprimand and/or loss of privileges.

Event Planning/Reservation Timeline

An event planning timeline has been provided to assist in planning and proceeding through the reservation process. The event planning timeline is available for view, print and download at