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Communication Studies Club
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The mission of this club shall be to represent the interests of the Communication Studies majors. The elected Executive Board shall serve as mediators between the Communication Studies majors and the department faculty and shall promote mutual cooperation and understanding with other educational and non-educational institutions and associations, and with the general public.
Preamble We, the Communication Studies majors, do hereby establish a democratic form of government through this Constitution. Definitions “Executive Board” refers to the five-member advisory council elected by the general membership “student” includes all persons taking courses at Gustavus Adolphus College, both full-time and part-time “general membership” refers to all Communication Studies majors “organization” means a number of students “at large election” refers to an election where all majors are eligible voters “good academic standing” shall be defined by the College Registrar Article I, Name The name of this student organization shall be the Gustavus Adolphus College Communication Studies Club. Article II, Mission The mission of this club shall be to represent the interests of Communication Studies majors in conformity with this Constitution, the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, the Student Conduct Code, and Campus Judicial Procedures. The Executive Board elected shall serve as mediators between the Communication Studies majors and the department faculty and shall promote mutual cooperation and understanding with other educational and non-educational institutions and associations, and with the general public. Article III, Power 1) Appointments In the event that an Executive Board position becomes vacant, the remaining members of the Executive Board are responsible for appointing a student from the general membership to the vacant position. 2) Dismissals The Executive Board with approval of the Club Advisor and Department Chair may remove on good cause by a two-thirds vote an Executive member from his/her office, committee, board, or other organization, provided that student was originally appointed to said poison by the general membership or has since fallen within its jurisdiction. Article 1V, Body Section A: Membership 1) General Membership The general members hip shall consist of all students who have declared a Communication Studies major in accordance with the College Registrar’s requirement 2) Executive Board Seven Executives shall be elected as a team to fill the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Representative, and two At-large members Section B: Qualifications Candidates for the position of the Executive Board shall be in good academic standing; shall be in good standing with the College, as defined in the College’s Campus Judicial Procedures, shall have full-time status during the semesters for which they are elected; and shall signify in writing willingness to serve on the Executive Board in conformity with this Constitution. Executive Board members must be elected from the general membership. Section C: Duties 1) President The President shall: a) preside at both Executive Board and full Club meetings; b) set and distribute agenda; c) act as the chief executive and chief representative of the Gustavus Adolphus College Communication Studies majors; d) uphold the Communication Studies Club Constitution; e) meet regularly with the department’s faculty to convey student opinion and to seek information for the students; f) serve as Chairperson of the Executive Board; g) perform other duties which pertain to the office of the President 2) Vice President The Vice President shall: a) perform all duties of the President in his/her absence; b) see that standing committees report regularly to the CSC on their progress; c) supervise the work of all temporary committees and see that their duties are performed; d) see that all committee chairpersons write detailed reports of their committee’s activities for the Communication Studies Club files. 3) Secretary The Secretary shall: a) preside at meetins in the absence of both the President ant the Vice President; b) keep complete records of the Executive Board and full Club meetings, and file these records in the Communication Studies Club files; c) distribute all Communication Studies Club publications—minutes and other club notices—to all members and department faculty; d) be responsible for Communication Studies Club clerical work; e) distribute a copy of the current Communication Studies Club Constitution to each member of the Executive Board, and provide copies to other students upon request; f) submit information to the department newsletter; g) manage the “major spotlight” in the department; h) maintain the Communication Studies Club bulletin board; i) be responsible for e-mail communication to the general membership; j) check the Club mailbox in the Gustie Den. 4) Treasurer The Treasurer shall: a) serve as the Communication Studies Club Chief Financial Officer b) compile the Communication Studies Club budget to be presented to the Student Senate for reviewal; c) report to the Student Senate regarding financial matters as necessary; d) oversee all Communication Studies Club financial documents e) report the Executive Board on the state of Communication Studies Club finances 5) Junior Representative The Junior Representatitve shall: a) represent the best of his/her ability the concerns of the junior class standing members of the general membership b) shall actively participate on at least one Communication Studies Club committee; 6) At-large Members The At-large members shall: a) serve as Chair of one of the committees in the club (committee assigned shall be determined at the meeting immediately following elections) Section D: Mid-term Vacancies An Executive Board position which becomes vacant shall be filled by an appointee from the Executive Board, as outlined above (Article III, Section A) Section E: Club Advisor A designated representative from the faculty of the Communication Studies Department shall serve the Club in an advisory capacity and shall have no vote. Article V, Meetings The Communication Studies Club shall conduct periodic general membership meetings. The time and place shall be designated by the Executive Board. Executive Board meetings shall be held regularly throughout the semester. Article VI, Committees Section A: Committee Structure The Communication Studies Club shall be divided into committees for the consideration of matters of concern and responsibility. Members shall serve on committees upon appointment of the Committee Chair. Al committee meetings shall be open to the Communication Studies major community, except when declared closed by a majority vote of the community’s members. Communication Studies Club members may serve on more than one committee, but may be the Chairperson of only one committee. The towo at-large positions elected shall automatically become committee chairs when elected, however the committee over which they will preside will be determined by an Executive Board vote at the meeting immediately following elections. The Honor Society Committee’s chair must be the Lamda Pi Eta President. The remaining position for a Committee Chair is to be a member of the Executive Board appointed by the Executive Board. The Communication Studies Club shall have the following standing committees: Blood Drive, Social Events, Career Enhancement, and Honor Society. These committees shall fulfill their duties as outlined in Article VI, Section D. Section B: Membership Unless otherwise specified, every standing committee of the Communication Studies Club shall consist of at least five members, one of which is the Chairperson of the committee. Section C: Quorum A quorum of one-half plus one of voting committee membership shall be necessary to conduct business. Section D: Duties Every committee if the Communication Studies Club shall report to the Executive Board on all its action and shall submit written committee reports for the Club files. The Executive Board, acting as a whole, may reject, amend, or accept any action taken by a committee 1) Blood Drive Committee The Blood Drive Committee’s duties include: a) delegating all duties surrounding the fall and spring blood drives; b) communicating with the American Red Cross Representative; c) coordinating committees for food, recruiting, publicity, volunteers, set up/take down, others as needed 2) Social Events Committee The Social Events Committee’s duties include: a) Coordinating at least two general Communication Studies Club activities each semester. 3) Career Enhancement Committee The Career Enhancement Committee’s duties include a) coordinating at least one general Communication Studies Club night each semester including aspects of career enhancement; b) maintaining department job/internship binders with current information c) Being the Communication Studies Club Career Center Representative 4) Honor Society Committee The Honor Society Committee’s duties include: a) working with department faculty to coordinate the Evan Anderson lecture.
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