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French Club
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The French Club promotes the French language and French and Francophone cultures on campus. Our events are open to the entire campus community. We meet once a week for French Table. We play games in French and host crepe night once per semester. We also have an annual trip to Minneapolis/Saint Paul in order to dine at a French or Francophone restaurant & and see a French or Francophone movie or concert.
I Purpose: The purpose of our club is to promote French and Francophone culture on campus. II Membership: Our membership is open to all Gustavus students, and anyone may attend our events even if they do not speak French and are not on our email alias. III Officers: The French club is run on a democratic basis. There are either one or two Presidents. They are appointed, but still accountable to the members. IV Meetings: The French Club does not require meetings. The leadership decides events with input from students. A formal meeting structure will only be put in place if the majority of members support one. V. Finances: All unused money allocated to us by the Student Senate shall return to them. VI. By-Laws: The president or Co-President introduces by-Laws. If students wish to have any insight into by-laws, they are welcome to make suggestions. If a matter is controversial, it can be voted on. VII. Amendments: The President or Co-President introduces constitutional Amendments. If students wish to amend the constitution, they once again have input. Controversial issues can be voted on.
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Vice PresidentOwen
TreasurerElise Le

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