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Gustavus Juggling Club
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The purpose of the Gustavus Juggling Club shall be to teach students of all ages and ability level how to juggle in a safe, social, and entertaining environment.
Constitution of the Gustavus Juggling Club ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this organization shall be The Gustavus Juggling Club . ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The purpose of the Gustavus Juggling Club shall be to teach all ages how to juggle in a safe, social, and entertaining environment. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership in this organization is open to all Gustavus and St. Peter community members who enjoy spending time juggling or socializing in a juggling environment. Section 2: Members are accepted continually throughout the year as long as they attend and have a desire to learn. ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS Section 1: The following officer positions shall exist in the Gustavus Juggling Club: President, Vice President Treasurer, and Risk Manager. All officers must be full-time students enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. The only position that has additional requirements that must be met is the President. They must have been a member of the organization for at least one year before becoming President. If no qualified parties are interested, this requirement may be waived with the majority agreement of the membership present. Section 2: The duties of each office are described as follows: A. President 1. To organize and preside over meetings 2. To function as a spokesperson for the club 3. To facilitate communication between students 4. To work with the advisor and other members of the organization B. Vice President 1. To preside over meetings in the absence of the President 2. To exercise all the functions of the office of the President in the absence of the president 3. To assist the President in the organization of club events 4. To assist in the development of yearly organizational goals C. Risk Manager 1. To consider dangers that may be involved in weekly activities 2. To consider dangers that may be involved in special events 3. To take appropriate action when needed D. Treasurer 1. To maintain the finances of the Club and keep accurate records of all financial matters 2. To coordinate fund raising efforts 3. To assist in the development of yearly organizational goals Section 3: Candidates for office must show interest and be voted in by regular attending members and previous officers. Section 4: The term of office begins at the beginning of June, with the month of May serving as a transition month between old and new officers. The term of office shall last for one calendar year. Any vacancies during the year shall be announced to the membership at the meeting following the vacancy. Nominations shall be taken and voting shall occur at the meeting. If no one is nominated, the President can appoint a member to that position. ARTICLE V: MEETINGS Section 1: Any business or issues to be discussed shall take place at the beginning of each club meeting or at an arranged time by the officers. Section 2: Decisions are made by voting- brought to the floor by a motion and a second. A majority shall allow the vote to pass. Section 3: The President or Advisor has the capability of calling special meetings for any matters they feel cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Members must be given at least 3 days notice of any special meetings. ARTICLE VI: EXECUTIVE BOARD Section 1: The Executive Board shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Risk Manager, and Treasurer. Section 2: The executive board shall meet only when business presents itself at the weekly club meetings. ARTICLE VII: FINANCES Section 1: Funds of the organization shall come primarily from allocated senate funds or fundraising. Section 2: Upon dissolution of the Fan Club, any financial assets will be credited to the Gustavus Student Senate. ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS Section 1: All members of the Gustavus Juggling Club that are in good standing may propose Amendments. The proposed amendments will be reviewed by the Executive Board members and submitted to members in writing at least 2 weeks before voting is to take place. Section 2: All members in good standing are eligible to vote, but must be present at the meeting to do so. A two-thirds (2/3) majority is needed to allow the amendment to pass. Section 3: If amendments are passed they take effect at the end of the meeting during which they are passed. Date of Ratification: September 17, 2012 (Remember to put the date of subsequent changes made by amendment to the constitution and the initials or name of the person responsible for updates at the end of the document.)
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