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I Am We Are
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I Am We Are is a student-led organization striving to create a more socially just campus community through the organization and presentation of theatrical performances and workshops that deal with issues of social justice. Based in the works of Augusto Boal, and begun by Vanita Vactor in 1995, the group has a number of performances both on- and off-campus throughout the year. Campus performances generally include E Pluribus Gustavus and EPGAC 2.0 in the fall semester and the Building Bridges Conference in the spring. The group partners with The Thambo Project, a local non-profit organization, to provide workshops and performances at colleges and high-schools in the local community and elsewhere. Workshops are held for new members each fall.
I Am We Are Theatre Company Constitution Purpose The purpose of the I Am…We Are Theatre Company is to promote and enhance cultural understanding through theatre-in-education (TIE) techniques. Along with this, IAWA will work to foster open and honest discussions between individuals of all backgrounds as a means to foster diversity and multiculturalism within our specific communities. Article I Membership 1. Any Gustavus student is eligible for membership through the form of attending workshops and rehearsals. Once a member has joined the company, membership is carried over the following school year(s) should each member choose to remain in the company. 2. Members shall remain in good standing so long as their attendance and involvement is steady, as determined by the company as a whole. 3. Should any member of the company feel that another member is not sufficiently committed to the company, concerns are to be brought before the cabinet. 4. Removal of any member must be ratified by a 2/3 majority vote by the company, including the cabinet and advisor(s). Article III Officers/Cabinet Section 1: A member of the cabinet must be a member of the company. The cabinet shall consist of five separate positions: two co-presidents, two co-public relations representatives, and one general secretary/treasurer. Section 2: Co-Presidents 1. It is the responsibility of the co-presidents for setting rehearsal times. 2. It is the responsibility of the co-presidents of informing the company of new business, rehearsal schedules, and upcoming events. 3. The co-presidents will work as liaisons between the company and outside organizations, faculty, etc. Co-Public Relations Representatives 1. The co-public relations reps. are responsible for contacting outside organizations involved in company business, touring, workshops, etc. 2. The co-public relations reps. are responsible for the advertisements of the company’s shows, workshops, and productions to the general public and/or involved parties. 3. The co-public relations reps. will act as contact persons for any outside organization interested in the company’s work, purpose, scheduled touring dates, commitments, etc. Secretary/Treasurer 1. The secretary/treasurer is responsible for handling all financial transactions, honoraria, and donations of the company. 2. The secretary/treasurer must keep an accurate account of all financial transactions. 3. The secretary/treasurer is responsible for updating the membership roster. Section 3: 1. The cabinet shall be elected by majority vote of the company. 2. Officer positions are elected for the duration of the academic year. 3. Should any member of the cabinet no longer be a Gustavus student for any reason, their position shall be filled by a popular vote of the company for the remainder of the term. 4. If it is determined that any cabinet member has not sufficiently performed the duties of his/her office, that person may be relieved of their position by a 2/3 vote by the company, including the advisor(s). Article III Meetings/Rehearsals Section 1: 1. Regular meetings will be held on a weekly basis. The frequency of these meetings/rehearsals will be determined as needed by the cabinet, along with the general consensus of the company. Section 2: 1. Decisions affecting the company will be made by general consensus. 2. Should a general consensus not be made on any given issue/question, the cabinet, along with the advisor(s), shall make final decisions representing the overall well-being of the company as they see necessary. Section 3: 1. Extra meeting/rehearsal time will be determined as needed. 2. Any member may call for a special meeting after discussing it with the cabinet members. 3. The cabinet members will hold separate meetings from rehearsal, at least once a month. Article IV Financial Matters Section 1: 1. The company will have no membership dues. 2. The company will request general printing and advertisement funds from Student Senate through the Spring Allocation process and other funds through the Mid-year Allocation process, as needed. Section 2: 1. Should the company dissolve, leaving residual assets, funds allocated by Gustavus Student Senate, or academic or administrative departments are to be returned to the original allocator. 2. Any other funds accrued by the company shall be distributed as the advisor(s) see fit. Article V By-Laws 1. Any amendments or alterations of this constitution must be passed by a 2/3 vote of the members of the company.
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PresidentCo-FacilitatorLaura Herbers
PresidentCo-FacilitatorThomas Buan
Risk ManagerMarshall Bell
TreasurerMarshall Bell
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