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The mission of the Peer Assistants is to create change concerning lifestyle and chemical health issues by acting in the roles of a friend, an educator, an activist, a role model, and a team member. THE PEER ASSISTANTS ACT AS A: Friend by being available to listen to other people’s stories and as a bridge to campus resources. EDUCATOR by teaching decision-making skills and strategies to stay safe along with dispelling myths and misperceptions using the latest health information. ACTIVIST by creating partnerships and networks, challenging unhealthy attitudes and behaviors, and refusing to be a passive bystander. ROLE MODEL by leading lives that are healthy and balanced. TEAM MEMBER by being supportive and encouraging of other peer assistants and collaborating partner organization members
Constitution of the Peer Assistants ARTICLE I: NAME Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Peer Assistants. Section 2: The organization is affiliated with BACCHUS and Gamma Peer Education Network. ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The purpose of this organization shall be to recognize and educate on a variety of lifestyle issues facing the Gustavus community through social, educational and wellness type activities. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership in this organization is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have successfully completed the three part application process held in March and April and have been selected by the standing organization members. Section 2: There is no hierarchy of officers, but a treasurer and rotating secretary are selected each academic year for purposes of organization. Likewise, in the spirit of organization, standing committee chairs will be selected to head their respective areas set at the beginning of the academic year. All of these positions serve 1 year terms. Section 3: Members have previously applied and have been selected by the existing group. Section 4: Members must attend a weekly meeting and hold one office hour each week. If one misses more than three meetings in a semester, breaks any issues of confidentiality, or obtains an underage consumption or other alcohol/drug related citation while one is a Peer Assistant, they will be referred to the current adviser for adjudication procedures to be decided by the adviser. ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS Section 1: We do not choose officer positions, but one member acts as treasurer and a rotating member acts as secretary. Section 2: The treasurer attends to the budget, tracks expenditures, submits proposals, and questions reports to the senate. The secretary records minutes and posts them online for members to review. Section 3: Committee Chairs are chosen at the beginning of the academic year but are not considered officers. ARTICLE V: MEETINGS Section 1: The weekly meeting time is to be set by the adviser and members before the first day of classes. The agenda is set by the requests received from the campus and the meeting is student-led on a rotating basis. Section 2: Attendance is mandatory, so absence is considered to be giving up the right to vote or make decisions at the meeting. Section 3: Decisions are made by a simple majority. Section 4: A special meeting might be called in the event of a crisis or tragedy by the adviser or any three Peer Assistants with 2 days of notice. ARTICLE VI: EXECUTIVE BOARD Section 1: There is no Executive Board, but committees are formed at the beginning of the year for organization purposes. ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEES Section 1: A special committee can be formed to work on a particular awareness week or event. All those interested will compose the committee. In addition, volunteers from the campus community who show interest are also invited to participate. Section 2: Standing committees will be chaired by a member voted on at the beginning of the academic year to serve one year terms. ARTICLE IX: FINANCES Section 1: The organization is allotted a block allocation from the student senate and we do fundraising for additional spending and travel cost. ARTICLE X: CONFIDENTIALITY: Section 1: All members of this organization are bound to confidentiality agreements signed prior to the first meeting of the new year. Which includes confidentiality of weekly meetings and one on one meetings with students, staff, faculty or other PAs. Section 2: This confidentiality is only broken in the event it effects Title IX mandatory reporting or Cleary Act mandatory reporting. Section 3: Any violation of confidentiality should be referred to the adviser for appropriate adjudication processes established by the current adviser. ARTICLE XI: AMENDMENTS Section 1: Any member or the adviser may propose amendments, which would be presented at the weekly meeting and reviewed by the entire group. Section 2: Amendments are brought up one week before the vote, and voted upon at the following weekly meeting. Section 3: Amendments are effective immediately. Section 4: Amendments and changes to the constitution require a 2/3 vote by the sitting members of the organization and approval by the adviser.
The organization is affiliated with BACCHUS and Gamma Peer Education Network.
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RoleOrganization TitleFull NameE-mail
Vice PresidentPeer AssistantsEmily
TreasurerPeer AssistantsSean
AdvisorPeer AssistantsAmy
SecretaryPeer AssistantsAnna
MemberPeer AssistantsRachel
MemberPeer AssistantsElle
MemberPeer AssistantsJohnna
MemberPeer AssistantsGino
MemberPeer AssistantsKatelyn
MemberPeer AssistantsLeah
MemberPeer AssistantsCody
MemberPeer AssistantsIan
MemberPeer AssistantsHalie
MemberPeer AssistantsErica
MemberPeer AssistantsMelinda
MemberPeer AssistantsAlexa
MemberPeer AssistantsBekah
MemberPeer AssistantsJane
MemberPeer AssistantsRisa

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