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Quiz Bowl

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Quiz Bowl
Academic / Honorary
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Prepare for and participate at intercollegiate quiz bowl meets
Article I: Name. The name of this organization shall be Gustavus Adolphus Quiz Bowl. Also known as just Quiz Bowl. Article II: Purpose. The purpose of Quiz Bowl will be to prepare members for participation in tournaments with other colleges through weekly meetings, and to arrange participation in said tournaments throughout the academic year. Article III: Membership. Anyone who is able to attend quiz bowl practice sessions is welcome to come and answer questions. Article IV: Officers. The following officers will exist for Quiz Bowl: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. These are unelected positions, with leadership going to those who have the interest and time to help sustain the organization. Section 2: The duties of officers include: President: Have access to the Quiz Bowl materials, bring said materials to practices, and handle the process of learning about and arranging attendance at tournaments. Vice President: Assist President in duties Treasurer: Monitor spending for new packets and tournament attendance--may be combined with President if need be, as the position dictates working closely with the President anyway. Risk Manager: Duties to be discussed Secretary: Duties to be discussed Article V: Meetings: Quiz Bowl will have weekly meetings led by the president or co-presidents. Ia. If one of those people is not available, another will be designated to lead the meeting. Ib. The time and date of the meetings will be determined at the beginning of each semester in order to best meet the needs of the members’ schedules. II. Attendance is not mandatory, but will be considered when forming rosters for meets. III. Teams of at least three shall travel to meets when possible. IV. Presidents choose their own successor with tacit approval of membership.
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register with leadership in order to become a member
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Risk ManagerBen
Vice PresidentEmily

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