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The Recondo Club intends to teach Gustavus students valuable skills in leadership, wilderness survival, personal responsibility, and physical fitness through the methods and techniques of the U.S. Army.
From Army Regulation 145-1: 1–5. Mission a. The overall mission of the Army ROTC Program is to produce commissioned officers in the quality, quantity, and academic disciplines necessary to meet active Army and reserve component requirements. The DCSPER will furnish the CG, ROTCCC an annual production mission. The mission will cover 5 fiscal years. b. Army branch proponents will review academic discipline requirements as needed. These requirements will be the basis for the ROTC academic discipline mission and branch process. The objective is to produce officers in academic disciplines that correlate with the specialty needs of the Army. 1–6. Objectives a. The objectives of the ROTC Program are to— (1) Attract, motivate, and prepare selected students to serve as commissioned officers in the regular Army (RA), Army National Guard (ARNG), and the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR). (2) Provide ROTC cadets with the basic concepts and principles of military art and science. (3) Develop the following attributes in the cadets— (a) Leadership. (b) A strong sense of personal integrity, honor, and responsibility. (c) An appreciation for national security. b. Attainment of the ROTC objectives establishes a sound basis for future professional development and effective performance as commissioned officers in the U.S. Army
Minnesota State University Mankato "Maverick" Battalion, 3rd Brigade, United States Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps
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