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The mission of OLAS is to foster trans-cultural competence through community outreach by promoting empathy, inclusion, and belonging.
Article 1: Name The name of this organization shall be OLAS. Article 2: Purpose The mission of OLAS is to foster trans-cultural competence through community outreach by promoting empathy, inclusion, and belonging. Article 3: Membership Section 1: Membership in this organization is open to all students who enjoy and display interest in Latin American and Spanish culture. Section 2: With the exception of officers, no member of OLAS shall be considered "superior" to any other; no categories of membership shall exist. Section 3: Members are accepted continually throughout the year so long as they are in good standing with the College. A student may become a member of OLAS by requesting that they be added to the email based mailing list and attending the majority of organization meetings. Section 4: With the agreement of all officers and a majority of the members (minus the member in question), a member may be removed from membership by being removed from the mailing list and so informed by the President or designated officer. Reasons for removal may include but are not limited to violation of school policies, severe rude behavior, and abuse of OLAS resources. Of course, members may themselves request that they be removed from membership. Article 4: Officers Section 1: The following officer positions shall exist: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing Chair, Communications Chair, and Diversity Leadership Council Representative (hereby referred to as DLC Rep.) Section 2: Duties of each officer: President: to organize and initiate meetings; to act as a spokesperson for OLAS; to facilitate communication among members; to help in organization events; to work with advisers and other members of OLAS. Secretary: to take minutes at the meetings;to send out emails; to keep members informed of what's going on; to assist in the organization's goals; to attend board meetings Treasurer: to maintain finances and accurate records of those; to keep track of sales; to keep track of fund raisers efforts, to assist in organizations goals; to attend board meetings. DLC Rep: To attend the Diversity Leadership Council (hereby referred to as DLC) meetings each week and bring updates from these meetings to every OLAS meeting; To abide by the constitution of DLC; To attend executive board meetings. Section 3: Candidates for office must be nominated by members of the organization. Members eligible to vote must have demonstrated an interest in the organization and must have had regular attendance throughout the year. Elections can be done at the end of the school year. Nominated candidates can turn down their nominations or will be elected if they have majority of votes. Section 4: Responsibility for newly elected officers is composed of one spring semester of attending the executive board meetings; The newly elected President, Treasurer and Parliamentarian will shadow the current officer for the spring semester; In addition every officer will have a full academic year of holding office. Section 5: If the majority of the members feel that a board member is not keeping up with his or her responsibilities or based on another cause, they should bring it up and nominate a new board member at the next meeting. Article v: Meetings Meetings will be held every week. The secretary will be responsible for informing members about the meetings. Article VIII: Finances Section I: Organization's funds shall be raised mostly through fundraising. Article IX: Amendments Section I: Members may propose amendments. These will need to be submitted two weeks before voting takes place. All members in good standing are eligible to vote and must be present at the meeting to do so. Majority of votes needed to pass the amendment, which will take effect right away if passed.
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PresidentPresidentTalia Moorman
MemberDLC RepresentativeLaura Cefalu
MemberCommunications ChairGiovanny

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