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Zeta Chi Phi Multicultural Sorority Incorporated
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The purpose of Zeta Chi Phi is to promote diversity and strengthen all women. We also strive to increase the popularity of our common interests by staying committed to multiculturalism, education, democracy, integrity, community service and loveliness. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun when we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, Zeta Chi Phi will become even stronger.
Gamma Chapter Zeta Chi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. Constitution ARTICLE I: NAME Zeta Chi Phi Multicultural Sorority Inc. of Gustavus Adolphus College ARTICLE II: DATE OF CREATION December 4th, 2004 ARTICLE III: PURPOSE The purpose of Zeta Chi Phi is to increase the popularity of our common interest to maintain a steadfast commitment to Multiculturalism, Education, Democracy, Integrity, Loveliness and Community Service. ARTICLE IV: MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Section 1: Membership Any collegiate woman interested in cultural awareness, philanthropy, and other issues we focus our efforts towards. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization. Section 2: Requirements of Membership a) Must be a full time student b) Must attend most of the meetings and functions. c) Must be active for at least two semesters. d) Must pay member dues. e) Must abide by all Gustavus Adolphus College rules/policies according to the student code of conduct. f) Must abide by all Zeta Chi Phi Rules according to the constitution and by-laws. g) Must abide by all Zeta Chi Phi Rules and regulations according to the constitution and bylaws. h) No member of any other social (business/honorary membership excluded) sorority may become a member of this sorority unless the previous membership is terminated. i) Resignation/Termination will result in the loss of full/associated membership status and full associate membership status will not be regained in any circumstance. j) Has not been deemed in violation of local or national laws of this Sorority. k) Must serve the minimum hours of community service set by the chapter. l) Must pay chapter and national dues by the designated date as determined by the National Financial Advisor and Chapter Treasurer. m) Must be in good academic standing with an overall G.P.A. of 2.6/4.0 and maintain a semester G.P.A. of 2.6/4.0 or the equivalent thereof. Section 3: Limitations – All Members a) No one other than a Zeta Chi Phi member is allowed to wear the letters (ZXΦ). b) Sorority designated non-members and Zeta-Beaus may wear Zeta Chi Phi letters in non-Greek written form (i.e. rush, social, events, mom/dad t-shirts). Section 4: Limitations – Prospective members If the Chapter has membership in the Multicultural Council (MCC) or Pan-Hellenic Council, then we cannot accept applicants who have previously been members of another (MCC) or Pan-Hellenic sorority. Section 5: New Members a) Must go through an intake process. b) Must attend informal weekly meetings. c) Must be a member of Ladies for Diversity. d) Have associate membership status. e) Will not have full voting rights until they are fully fledged members. Section 6: Active Member a) Eligible members are those who have successfully passed through the new member process, been elected to membership and initiated in accordance with the Ritual of the Sorority. b) Must serve the minimum hours of community service set by the chapter. c) Must have national dues paid in full or arrangements made with the chapter treasurer by the designated date as determined by the National Financial Advisor. d) Have full membership status. e) Usual rights and privileges accorded active members 1) The privilege of wearing our Greek letters (ZXΦ). 2) The right to vote on sorority matters 3) The right to hold office 4) The right to submit proposals to amend the local chapter constitution and by-laws 5) The right to submit proposals to amend National constitution and by-laws 6) The right to participate in sorority activities. Section 7: Inactive Status a) Eligible members are those who voluntarily choose this status for one of the following reasons: i. Death in the family ii. Medical reasons iii. Leave of absence from campus due to study abroad/co-op iv. Withdrawal from university. b) Inactive status may not be achieved more than once. c) An eligible member who is inactive is not able to attend chapter activities or events during the time she is inactive. d) An eligible member who is inactive is not allowed to vote on sorority national and/or chapter matters during the time she is inactive. e) An eligible member who is inactive is not allowed to hold office in any sorority capacity at the national and chapter levels during the time she is inactive. f) Inactive members have the right to wear the sorority letters, if and only if, they meet the requirements set for inactive status. g) Must report their inactive status to both the chapter president and the chapter treasurer in verbal and documented form who will then forward said forms to the National Board of Directors. Section 8: Suspended status a) Is not able to attend chapter activities or events. b) Is not able to represent the Sorority at any function. c) Is not able to vote. d) Is not able to hold office. e) Suspended members do not have the right to wear the sorority letters. f) Must fulfill all financial obligations with the sorority. Section 9: Definition of Suspension Suspension means denial for a definite, specified period of the usual rights and privileges of membership in the Sorority as listed under Article III, Sec. 6. Section 10: Terms of Suspension 1. Conduct, which is detrimental to the best interests of the Sorority by interfering with its functions. 2. Unbecoming: a) Publicly imbibing alcoholic beverages while wearing our Sorority Greek letters after verbal and written warnings. b) Physical/Mental/Verbal abuse towards one’s sisters or (I.e. vicious/hurtful/racial/ language, public belittlement, deliberate undermining of another’s self-esteem, striking another). 3. Unsatisfactory scholarship (cumulative G.P.A. below 2.6/4.0) 4. Disregard of instructions officially given by the established authority of the local chapter or the Sorority. 5. Failure to pay dues/fees. 6. Disputed conduct/activity will be documented and filed, with copies to all parties involved and brought before the National Board of Directors then forward to National Judicial Board when necessary, if the local Chapter cannot solve the matter. Section 11: Expelled/Deactivated Status a) Has been relieved of all rights and responsibilities in regards to the Sorority, and in the case of expulsion; after having received both a documented verbal and written warning, and suspension. b) Is not permitted to attend any Sorority function, meeting, activity or event. c) Must relinquish all Sorority related clothing, binder and articles regardless of personal cost expended upon said items. d) Must fulfill all financial obligations with the Sorority. Section 12: Expulsion of Membership/ Termination Expulsion/termination means removal of membership in the Sorority through affirmative exercise of constituted authority of the Sorority. After expulsion, the former member will not be permitted to attend meetings of the Sorority or any of its chapters, to take part in any Sorority rite or function, or to hold herself as a member of or identify in any way with the Sorority, or to have any rights whatsoever in or pertaining to the Sorority. Section 13: Terms of Expulsion/Termination Conduct, which renders a member’s presence in her chapter disharmonious to the standing and function of the chapter or the Sorority, which includes but is not limited to the following: a) Conduct that is detrimental and impedes the best interests of the Sorority. b) Violation of Sorority confidentiality c) Violations of the Constitution, by-laws, rules, or regulations of the Sorority, or a Chapter. d) Hazing e) Use of illegal drugs f) Allowing non-members to wear the Greek symbols of Zeta Chi Phi (X). g) Continual wearing of Sorority Greek letters while publicly imbibing alcoholic beverages after verbal, written warnings or suspension. h) Failure and unwillingness to pay a current account due to the chapter or Sorority. i) Any member may deactivate from this Sorority by submitting a resignation to the Chapter President, who will then forward the resignation to the National Director. The resignation will take effect in sixty days after said notification and shall be permanent and binding. All paraphernalia representing the Sorority in possession of said person must be returned to the Sorority and all financial obligations fulfilled. No College student shall be denied membership on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, parental status, disability or the ability to pay dues. ARTICLE V: OFFICERS The hierarchy if the national board shall consist of five officers: President, Internal Vice-President, External Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Section 1: Officer Responsibilities President a) Is the chief executive and administrative officer of the chapter b) Preside at all meetings of the Chapter and decide all questions of law and order in the Chapter. c) Maintains files regarding reports, the chapter constitution, by-laws, rules, as well as other relevant materials. d) Informs the Chapter Advisor of all pertinent things. e) Informs the chapter on pertinent activities, events and information discussed at Council meetings. f) Be the principal officer of rituals and shall cause the Sorority Ritual to be properly exemplified on all appropriate occasions g) Insure that all other chapter officers perform the duties of their respective offices h) Is responsible for the welfare and dignity of the chapter during the term of office. i) Must have served on the Executive Board. Internal Vice- President a) Assist the President in the performance of such duties as may be requested by the President. In event of absence, death, resignation, disqualification, or removal from office of the President, the Vice - President shall perform the duties of the President b) Coordinates internal programs. c) Acts as a liaison between internal programs and the Executive Board. d) Persist a list of probable internal programs at the first regular meeting of the semester. e) Maintains a record of those delegates working on a program. f) Assists chairwomen of each internal committee. External Vice - President a) Assist the President, preside over Executive Board meetings, and chapter meetings at the request of the President. In event of absence, death, resignation, disqualification, or removal from office of the Internal Vice - President, the External Vice - President shall perform the duties of the Internal Vice – President b) Assist in the public relations of the Sorority c) Perform such other duties relating to publicity as needed or requested by the President d) Attend external committee meetings e) Act as a liaison between external programs and the Executive Board. f) Present a list of probable external programs to the Chapter at the first regular meeting of each semester and coordinates the external activities thereof. g) Maintains a record and monitors the progress of those delegates working on a program. h) Promotes programs in chapter to build relations with other organizations. Secretary a) Is the chief recorder and correspondent of the Chapter. b) Keep a true and complete record of all matters pertaining to the Chapter and shall certify thereto when necessary c) Take minutes at Executive Board meetings. d) Take minutes at chapter meetings. e) Answer all correspondence. f) Be the custodian of the By - Laws, minutes, administrative records, and reports of the Executive Board. g) Maintain a record of all chapter together with their current addresses, and shall dispatch notices of meetings to members as appropriate. h) Be responsible for submitting the official reports required of the Executive Board by the By – Laws. i) Furnish the Executive Board with such information as each may request. Treasurer a) Is the chief financial officer of the Chapter b) Is responsible for all chapter funds i. Collect all chapter dues ii. Pays all bill. Two executive board signatures are required on each bill. c) Formulates a budget and presents it to the Executive Board and the chapter. d) Keep New Member fees and Member fees in separate accounts; respectively as required by National By-Laws, and shall certify prior to initiation that all financial obligations of the initiates have been paid. e) Keep detailed records of all money paid out on forms provided by the National Treasurer. f) Keep a complete chronological record of monies and such reports and other information as the National Treasurer or National President shall request. g) Submits a financial report at the end of her term to the previous Executive Board and to the chapter advisor. Section 2: Qualifications a. Officers must have at least two semesters of full membership status. b. Officers must serve a term of two semesters. c. Officers must go through a transitional period before taking office. d. Officers must be active and full members of Zeta Chi Phi Multicultural Sorority Inc. e. Any member who cannot fulfill the aforementioned may still be nominated for the “open” position, if and only if, there is no qualifies member. Section 3: Selection Nominations are required for candidates for all Executive Board positions and will be accepted only from the members of the organization. The officers of the organization will be elected by the members of the organization. a) A candidate must receive a majority of the votes to be elected an officer. b) At least two-thirds of the members of the organization must be in attendance to vote. c) A run-off election shall be held, if after the initial vote, no one candidate has received the majority of the votes. Section 4: Vacancies In the event of a vacancy of an office, an announcement shall be made at the next scheduled meeting of the vacancy upon which nominations will be taken to fill the office. After nominations have been taken, a vote will be held to fill the vacant office. a) All “open” positions will be filled by nomination only. b) A two-thirds (2/3) vote of total active members in attendance is needed to approve the nomination and elect the candidate to the “open” position. c) If an officer desires to step down from a position, then she must give notice in writing to the President. This “open” position will then be filled using the above-mentioned process. . Section 5: Impeachment process: Any member with voting rights shall be able to initiate removal of an executive board officer on the grounds of the following: a) Dereliction of duties. b) Mismanagement of funds. c) Not adhering to Zeta Chi Phi rules and regulations as outlined in the National And Chapter Constitution and By-Laws. d) Depending on the severity of the offence: i. A verbal warning will be administered after the first infraction. ii. A written warning will be administered after the second infraction. iii. Impeachment will follow the third infraction. Section 6: Removal Process The removal process of an officer shall be conducted as follows: a) Said member shall contact the Executive Board President, if The President is being removed then the Internal vice-President shall be contacted and shall submit a written statement including intent and grounds for the officer in question removal. b) The notified officer shall contact the officer in question and inform het of the removal proceeding pending. c) At the next scheduled meeting, any member may read the statement; the officer in question may make a statement and answer questions. d) If the officer in question is found to be causing detriment to the sorority by her lack if dedication to her duties or inability to meet her responsibilities, a vote shall be called to revoke her position, which the chapter advisor in evidence. e) If a 2/3 vote is reached, the officer is considered removed and shall be replaced according to the procedures to fill a vacancy. ARTICLE VI: QUORUM Two-Thirds of the members must be in attendance for all voting. A two-thirds vote of the total-voting members present is required for all decisions except when otherwise noted. ARTICLE VII. CHAPTER ADVISOR 1. Qualifications The chapter advisor must be an alumni member of Zeta Chi Phi Multicultural Sorority Inc. 2. Duties 1. Must serve at least one academic year, but may serve more. 2. Must meet with Executive Board monthly. 3. Must attend one chapter meeting a month. 4. Must communicate regularly with the President of the Chapter. ARTICLE VIII. FACULTY ADVISOR Section 1: Qualifications 1. The faculty advisor must be a faculty/staff member of the College. 2. Recommendations from any member of the organization will be into consideration and voted upon. A two-thirds vote of members is required. Section 2: Duties 1. Must serve at least two school years, but may be serve more. 2. Must have a meeting with the Executive Board monthly. 3. Must attend one chapter meeting per month. ARTICLE IX: MEETINGS AND PROCEDURES A. Regular meetings of the organizations shall take place weekly with the exception of the holidays. B. Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall take place whenever the President deem necessary. C. A special meeting of these bodies shall be called by the President at the request of any member of the chapter. i. There must be at least 24 hour notice before a special meeting is scheduled. D. Executive Board and other members are required to attend their respective meetings. E. Any representative unable to attend a special meeting shall notify at least a day prior to the meeting for which she expects to be absent. F. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary handbook used to conduct all Zeta Chi Phi meetings except where it conflicts with the Zeta Chi Phi constitution and/or bylaws. ARTICLE X: PENALTIES AND INFRACTIONS If any individual member of the chapter violated any regulation of the Constitution, they shall be subject to penalties of the organization, namely: i. One to one meeting with the Officers. ii. Take further steps concerning the matters. ARTICLE XI: AMENDMENTS AND RATIFICATIONS 1. Any member may submit a typewritten proposal to the organization to modify the Constitution. 2. A two-thirds (2/3) vote is required for approval. i. The proposal shall be voted upon at the next scheduled meeting. ii. Two-Thirds of the members must be present at the meeting in order for a vote to take place. 3. All amendments shall specify the date it takes effect. ARTICLE XII: ENACTMENT This constitution for the Gamma Chapter of Zeta Chi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is hereby enacted on this 4th day of December in 2004.
This is a national sorority with roots in San Antonio, Texas and Tallahassee, Florida.
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