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The Radicals

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Private Mission: A safe and brave space where individuals are able to speak their truths; a space that does not tolerate the further injustice of those within the group, and advocates to support those within the group and advocates to support those that have been oppressed and creates a social community. Public Mission: A platform for individuals to speak out and counteract injustice in the community that will help influence change for the world.
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Purpose. 1.1 We, the members of this organization, order to promote and encourage interest in Social Justice. 1.2.The organization functions for students, by students, and seeks to implore students to combat societal injustices. 1.3. The organizationuses creative minds to give voice to the silenced and marginalized, through mediums of the members choice - there is no limit to creativity. 1.4. The organization is awareness based, meaning we partake in and create performances. 1.5. During heightened times on campus or in society, members react to and host conversations involving said social injustices.  Name. 2.1 The name of the organization shall be named, The Radicals, and shall always be named thus. Membership. 3.1 Any individual who wants to be a member of The Radicals shall be a member of The Radicals. 3.2. Membership shall be open to any and all Gustavus Adolphus students regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, socioeconomic status, national origin,  or gender identity. 3.3. The organization believes those who desire to join or are current members of said organization uphold these values: Be an active ally, speak your truth and ONLY your truth, stand by people’s sides not their backs, the further injustice of those within the organization and fellow peers will not be tolerated, and this is a brave and safe space - truth stated here, unless pertaining to the danger of the individual or others is not to be shared. Executive Board. 4.1. The official positions of The Radicals are as follows: Co-facilitators, Treasurer, Risk Manager, Secretary, and DLC representative. 4.2. Organizational elections will take place once per year before the end of spring. 4.3. The duties of the Co-facilitators are to lead meetings and workshops for the current members of the organization. 4.4. The duties of the treasurer are to take care of the organization's finances by remaining in contact with the DLC representative and ensuring during spring the organization suggests a budget from senate. 4.5. The duties of Risk Manager is to check in  with a member of the organization if they are furthering the injustice of other members or themselves within the organization. 4.6. The duties of the Secretary are to record information within the meetings and send out weekly reminder emails or updates about events that were discussed during meetings. 4.7. The duties of the DLC representative is to record information at DLC meetings and attend weekly DLC meetings and update members of The Radicals during meetings of what is discussed at DLC meetings.  4.8. In order to become a member of the executive board, a current member has to specify through a speech or oral junction, as to why they desire said position. 4.9. The organization members, aside from those desiring to be an executive board member, shall vote on the member. 4.10. If a tie ensues, there shall be an executive decision made by the current executive board members. 4.11. Any board member that does not meet the proceeding requirements shall be impeached. Meetings and Procedures. 5.1. The meetings will occur once a week and take place for two hours at a time. 5.2. During the time of performances, showcases, or the like, meetings shall occur longer than the allotted time and happen more frequently throughout the week. 5.3. The executive board shall meet once a week in addition to the weekly organization meetings in order to discuss the progress and improvement of the organization as a whole. Ratification of the constitution. 6.1. If members within the organization no longer deem the previous articles within the constitution equitable, then articles within the constitution shall be ratified. 6.2. Questions concerning the interpretation of this document shall be decided by the board.

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OtherDLC RepresentativeSally
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