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Students For Education Reform - Gustavus (SFER - GAC)

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Students For Education Reform - Gustavus (SFER - GAC)
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Students For Education Reform Gustavus works to to close the achievement gap and ensure an excellent education for all children by mobilizing a new generation of leaders in education reform.
Constitution of Students For Education Reform – Gustavus PREAMBLE Students For Education Reform proclaims that it is has been founded and is dedicated to the following mission and objectives: Mission: to close the achievement gap and ensure an excellent education for all children by mobilizing a new generation of leaders in education reform. Objectives: • To bring together students committed to improving America’s schools and closing the achievement gap • To spread awareness on our campus and in our community about education inequity • To advocate for meaningful education policy reform with a focus on K-12 education • To inform students about current issues in education policy through a high visibility campaign • To host events, such as discussion series, seminars, school visits, and film screenings that will engage students with issues in education policy and inspire them to pursue careers in education reform • To bring to campus speakers who have a significant amount of experience in either teaching or policy work and have a demonstrated commitment to closing the achievement gap • To help match students with career opportunities in the education field ARTICLE 1 – GENERAL Name Section 1: The official name of this organization shall be Students For Education Reform – Gustavus Section 2: The organization shall operate as a non-profit organization Section 3: The organization shall abide by the applicable procedures and policies of Gustavus Adolphus College pertaining to student organization governance, as well as local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Section 4: This organization shall exist for the objectives stated in the preamble, with the following statement of purpose a. To close the achievement gap and ensure an excellent education for all children by mobilizing a new generation of leaders in education reform. ARTICLE II – MEMBERSHIP/IMPEACHMENT Section 1: Voting membership is open to all students, part-time and full-time, at Gustavus Adolphus College. Section 2: The voting membership may consist of any combination of the aforementioned body of student members. Section 3: Membership is open to all students without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, creed, marital status, public assistance status, or sexual orientation. Section IV: To become an active member, one must attend five consecutive meetings and three consecutive events, with special circumstances of absence open to the discretion of the Chapter Leader. All students are encouraged to attend meetings and events, while members will demonstrate commitment by repeated attendance. Section V: Any member/officer may be impeached for misconduct (to be defined by the group (i.e. failure to perform duties, attendance, misuse of funds, slanderous acts to harm organization name, etc.)). The member/officer shall be given a seven-day advance notice and an opportunity to defend him/herself. This impeachment vote shall require a 2/3-majority vote from the group membership Section VI: Any member found to be misrepresenting the views of the group as a whole (i.e. on the internet or in an interview) shall be required to rescind or edit his/her statement. However, members are encouraged to talk to members of the press about their individual opinions on certain issues pertaining to the mission and goals of the organization ARTICLE III – OFFICERS Section 1: There shall be an Executive Board of Officers, which shall consist of the following: Chapter Leader(s), Director(s) of Policy & Advocacy, Director(s) of Civic Engagement, Director(s) of Communications (PR) and Director(s) of Operations & Finance. Project Managers will also sit on Executive Board meetings as appropriate, so as to foster understanding, emphasize group cohesion and cultivate underclassman leadership. a. The Executive Board shall be empowered to: i. Conduct the business and affairs of the organization during periods between meetings of the members; ii. Act as arbiters in cases of disagreement among members; iii. Represent the organization in cases of liability, responsibility or honors Section 2: All officers must be currently enrolled students at Gustavus Adolphus College and registered for at least four credits. Section 3: Officers shall be selected during the May meetings and shall serve for a period of one year. Exceptions to this rule will occur if an officer graduates at the end of the fall semester and a replacement must be sought. Section 4: The Chapter Leader (CL) will preside over all election proceedings and will moderate the discussions; if the CL is participating in a specific election, the subsequent officer will preside over the election; a subsequent officer will tally all votes if the secondary officer is participating in that specific election. Section 5: Any officer found to be shirking his or her duties within the organization shall receive notification that he/she must either increase his/her involvement or tender a resignation. ARTICLE IV – COMMITTEES Section 1: The standing committees of this club shall be: a. Executive Board – Consists of the elected officers and chair persons of all committees. Sets meeting dates for the club. Sets year-long vision and determines committee assignments. Acts on behalf of the club during the summer. b. Events Committee – Handles all planning and arrangements for events held by the organization. c. Advocacy Committee – Handles all planning and arrangements for advocacy initiatives put on by the organization. d. Outreach Committee – Handles all planning and arrangements for outreach efforts put on by the organization. ARTICLE V – MEETING Section 1: A regular meeting for all members will be held at least twice a month during the academic year. The Executive Committee will meet once a week, on average. Section 2: A quorum shall be present in order to conduct official business of the organization. A quorum shall consist of 50% of the voting membership plus one. Section 3: Decisions of the organization shall be enacted by a majority vote of the voting membership plus one. ARTICLE VI – FINANCIAL MATTERS Section 1: The organization shall not provide monetary gain, incidentally or otherwise to its directors or membership. This does not restrict the payment of wages, salaries, or incentives by the organization for services rendered. Section 2: Unless otherwise specified by the membership at the time of dissolution of the organization, residual assets shall be distributed to the following not-for-profit organizations to the proportions below: Students For Education Reform (National) – 100% ARTICLE VII – BY-LAWS Section 1: By-Laws may be proposed by the membership and may be adopted by a majority vote of those present at the meeting when a quorum is present ARTICLE VIII – AMENDMENTS Section 1: Amendments to the constitution may be proposed by any member of the club. Such proposals shall be submitted at the regular meeting prior to the meeting in which the proposed amendment is to be voted on Section 2: Duty proposed amendments shall be submitted to a vote of the voting members, providing a quorum is present. A two-thirds majority vote in favor shall be required for adoption of such amendments Section 3: A motion for an amendment to the constitution may be raised at the meeting to elect new officers
SFER MN and SFER National
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PresidentChapter LeaderMicah
Vice PresidentDirector of Civic EngagementJenn Davis
TreasurerDirector of Operations and FinanceElliot Emerson
Risk ManagerAshley
SecretaryDirector of Policy and AdvocacyDonte Curtis

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