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Students Today Leaders Forever
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Students Today Leaders Forever's mission is revealing leadership through service, relationships and action. The vision is energizing generations of student leaders.
Students Today Leaders Forever Constitution ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this organization shall be Students Today Leaders Forever. ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The purpose of Students Today Leaders Forever is to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action and energize generations of servant leaders. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership in this organization is open to all students who are passionate about serving their communities and expanding their leadership potential. Section 2: The following categories of membership exist in Students Today Leaders Forever: Chapter Core: individuals who are responsible for organizing on campus STLF events and supporting bus core. Bus Core: individuals entrusted to plan and lead annual Spring break Pay It Forward tours. Members: individuals who participate in STLF events and carry out the mission. Trip advisor: full-time Gustavus employee who is present for the entirety of the Pay It Forward tour to ensure supervision is provided at all service and housing sites. Section 3: Members can join at any time. Any student can sign up for the Pay It Forward Tour until bus maximum capacity (45) has been reached. ARTICLE IV: CHAPTER CORE Section 1: The following Chapter Core positions shall exist in Students Today Leaders Forever: Communications Coordinator (responsible for relaying information between cores, National Office and participants), Volunteer Coordinator (responsible for establish relationships with nonprofits and planning volunteer events), Finance Coordinator (responsible for budget creation and all financial logistics relating to events), Fundraising Coordinator (responsible for planning fundraising events and requesting donations from a variety of donors), Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator (responsible for recruiting participants for events such as the Pay It Forward Tour). All coordinators must be full-time students in good standing enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. All Chapter Core members must assist each other in all student organization functions. Section 2: Title: STLF Chapter Core Member Qualifications: A STLF Chapter Core member demonstrates a desire to serve and learn as well as a capacity to engage and lead. • Have had previous leadership, management, and service experience • Is committed to the program as well as possessing knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for the program. • Superior organization and communication skills should be evident, as the position requires partnership and negotiation with a variety of people and institutions. • Open minded and able to adapt as programs and circumstances are always changing. • Demonstrates a balance between patience and perseverance. • Leads and manages through positive example and role modeling. Responsibility: • Engage in and attend STLF Core training in the fall. • Facilitate tour registration, planning and information sessions. • Submit an itinerary of dates, locations and activity overviews two months prior to the Pay It Forward tour departure (Spring Break). • Plan and execute necessary events and programming. • Maintain records and budgets within the program. • Engage with community partners to maintain and foster positive, mutual relationships. • Participate in the ongoing development and implementation of the strategic plan for the program. • Work towards achieving the benchmarks of service outlined by the CSL. • Provide opportunities for volunteers and participants to achieve learning outcomes identified by the CSL. • In conjunction with the community partner, assess and evaluate the accomplishments and opportunities for change of coordinators, volunteers, and the program as a whole. • Supervise volunteers and participants in way that ensures a safe, healthy, positive, and consistent environment. • Maintain social responsibility by managing and leading as a positive representation of the St. Peter community, Gustavus Adolphus College, and the Center for Servant -Leadership. • Work in partnership with coordinators, community partners, volunteers, and participants to maintain the program but also aid in its progression and evolution. • Communicate appropriately, consistently, and effectively with community partners, volunteers, and participants Title: STLF Core Member Responsibility: • Attendance at all trainings and mandatory meetings. • Maintaining contact with other Core members. Section 3: Candidates for Chapter Core must apply in May. They then must submit an online application to show their commitment to the organization and discuss what they hope to accomplish if they receive an office. Each applicant will be interviewed by the current Chapter. Assessments will be made of each applicant and the current members will determine the best candidates for the Core. If agreement cannot be reached, the Faculty advisor will make the final decision. Section 4: The term of office begins the following semester. The new coordinators are able to learn the duties of their position by their predecessor (that semester). The new coordinator/s take over the following semester. The term of office for a Chapter Core member shall last approximately one year but can be longer or shorter in term. The term of office for a Bus Core member shall last until the end of the current school year. ARTICLE V: MEETINGS Section 1: Meetings for core members will be held once a week or every other week during the academic year. Each core member is expected to be present at each meeting. ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEES The Students Today Leaders Forever Program does not utilize any committees. ARTICLE VIII: FINANCES Bus Tour funds come from registration fees. Additional funds will be determined by the Student Senate. ARTICLE IX: BY-LAWS All constitutional by-laws will be determined by the Chapter Core. ARTICLE X: AMENDMENTS All constitutional amendments will be made by the Chapter Core. Date of Ratification: May 2015.
Our chapter is affiliated with the National Students Today Leaders Forever organization.
Application Type
RoleOrganization TitleFull NameE-mail
AdvisorFaculty AdvisorRichard
Vice PresidentChapter CoreJacob
PresidentChapter CoreCaitlin
TreasurerChapter CoreKadie
SecretaryChapter CoreVeronica
OtherBus CoreDana
Risk ManagerKadie
OtherBus CoreCaitlyn

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