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The Musical B.A.R.

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The Musical B.A.R.
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A group of individuals who, due to their love of music , are willing to put on/be a part of musical performances other than those that can be taken for credit, and willing and eager to set up and play engagements on and off campus.
CONSTITUTION OF THE MUSICAL B.A.R. Preamble: Members of The Musical B.A.R. are students of Gustavus Adolphus College who believe that the definition of music is contested and cacophonous. Acknowledging this fact as our motive, we seek to understand all forms of music and its differences, whether they be social, and cultural, or due to simple differences in taste. Understanding and acknowledging this conviction, we as advocates for musical understanding make a vow to the making of all music, in honor of all music. ARTICLE I: NAME The Name of this organization shall be The Musical B.A.R. (“Birth And Rebirth”). ARTICLE II: MISSION STATEMENT/ Purpose A group of individuals who, due to their love of music , are willing to put on/be a part of musical performances other than those that can be taken for credit, and willing and eager to set up and play engagements on and off campus. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section I: Admittance If a student would like to be admitted into The Musical B.A.R. they must request it of the Co-Presidents and agree with the fulfillment of requirements listed below. Section II: Discrimination The Musical B.A.R. shall not be discriminatory in terms of ethnicity, religion, national origin, financial/social status, or orientation. Section III: Eligibility The eligibility for membership into The Musical B.A.R. shall follow the regulations set by Gustavus Adolphus College. All requesting admittance must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 to be considered for admittance into the organization. Section IV: Requirements and Responsibilities A. Members may take performance opportunities presented by the B.A.R., or simply share a common interest in music. B. The organization must know of and record all engagements, on or off campus, for the safety of all members of The Musical B.A.R., purposes of the upkeep of The Musical B.A.R.'s decorum, and for historical recording purposes. C. The Musical B.A.R. will not organize or facilitate events for the purpose of student financial profit. Section V: Decorum A. The decorum is to be upheld by all members of The Musical B.A.R. on and off campus whenever a engagement is concerned. B. The Musical B.A.R.'s decorum is composed of respect, temperament, quickness of adaptability, and minds of compromise and reason in times of decision making when away from organization. C. Repeated reports of any negative behavior when in an engagement will result in a meeting of the individual(s) in a meeting with the co-presidents of the organization concerning the continuation/termination of membership of the individual. ARTICLE IV: DUES All Members wishing to perform at a Musical BAR event must pay ten dollars within 30 days of admittance into the organization. ARTICLE V: ADVISOR The advisor(s) is a faculty or staff of Gustavus Adolphus College. The advisor(s) will attend meetings when requested or when they think it is necessary to attend. The advisor(s) will act as a liaison between the organization and the college. ARTICLE VI: OFFICERS Section I: Officers The Musical B.A.R. will include the following positions 1. Co-Presidents (2) 2. Secretary 3. Treasurers (1-2) 4. Record Keeper 5. Marketing Master 6. Historian Section II: Duties A. Co-presidents
Co-presidents will preside over all meetings, enforce the constitution and bylaws, appoint all committees for social and community service activities, handle all elections, be the focal point of communication, and address all problems. B. Secretary
The Secretary shall keep attendance at all meeting and The Musical B.A.R.'s events, prepare and send the weekly meeting's minutes to the organization's members, keep track of accountability and behavioral standards of The Musical B.A.R.'s and decorum (which is stated in Article II, Section V), andinclude a funny tag line at the end of each minutes report. C. Treasurers
The Treasurers shall be responsible for collecting dues and repayment for all acceptable expenses, be responsible for all financial transactions, and present a monthly report explaining expenses and accounts receivable. D. Record Keeper 
The Record Keeper shall be responsible for the recording of any and every engagement performed by The Musical B.A.R., as well as holding the responsibility of sheet music whenever music is being "born again" (rebirth-ed) E. Marketing Master
The Marketing Master shall be responsible for publicizing the organization and all of its events on and off campus. F. Historian 
The Historian shall be responsible for all dealings with clients and shall keep a record of relations with each client. The Historian shall be responsible for acquiring and saving pictures from every engagement/event. The Historian shall also oversee the audio/visual and webmaster positions. Section III: Qualifications A genuine desire for the continual upkeep of each position must be apparent. A meeting with the co-presidents and the secretary must take place concerning why an individual wants any position(s). Certain officer positions have the following have the following specific qualifications: A. Co-presidents: Must be in Sophomore, Junior or Senior standing and be a full-time student for both semesters. . Section IV: Terms of Offices All officers shall serve for one academic year unless stated otherwise Section V: Vacancies All vacancies shall be filled at the next regular meeting by special election Article VII: Academics If a member's cumulative grade point average falls below 2.5, they shall be barred from voting at organization meeting until the standard GPA is met at either mid-term or semester's end.
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The Musical B.A.R.
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PresidentCo-PresidentAaron Bogen
Risk ManagerRecord KeeperSam
MemberPublic RelationsMickey Quinn
Vice PresidentCo-PresidentWilliam
TreasurerRecord KeeperKevan
MembermemberMatt Broschard

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