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Pre-Health Club
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The mission of the Gustavus Adolphus Pre-Health Club is to provide a network of support for students interested in pursuing careers in pre-health areas including: medicine (allopathic, osteopathic, physician assistant), dentistry and pharmacy. The club strives to promote volunteerism and active experience as well as provide information and insight about undergraduate preparation, testing, and applying to graduate programs in the pre-health fields.
Attendance: Monthly meetings: September, October, November, December, February, March, April, May (8 meetings per academic year) Events/Volunteer Events: Events will vary by the month but will include informational sessions and volunteer opportunities. To be considered an active member, students must attend four monthly meetings and two volunteer events during the academic year. Attendance at meetings will be taken and tracked by the club secretary. Dues: There will be no dues associated with membership; however for travel events member may be required to pay a fee to participate. Officers: All officers must be full-time students in good standing enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. See position descriptions below. • Pre-Health Club President o Responsible for the oversight of all activities of the Pre-Health Club o Report directly to Advisor Heather Banks, meet to give updates on club activities and events o Organize meetings with the board of directors following the monthly meetings o Fall and spring involvement fair duties include: sign up for a booth, create a sign-in, coordinating directors to staff the booth o Submit club registration to Gustavus Student Orgs o Attend student organization meeting in the fall o Facilitate the election of new officers (Spring) o Organize and preside over meetings • Pre-Health Club Vice President o Assist the president in all duties o Preside over meetings if the president is unable to attend o Main coordinator of events/volunteer events o Work with pre-health directors to staff events/volunteer events • Pre-Health Club Treasurer o Communicate with all directors to have an idea of their budget needs o Present a budget to student senate and attend all necessary senate meetings • Pre-Health Club Secretary o Take notes at all meetings (board of directors meetings and full club meetings) o Take attendance for monthly meetings and track participation at events/volunteer events • Pre-Health Club Media Specialist o Update blog posts weekly for the pre-health club section o Responsible for all media promoting meetings, events and speakers (Includes: flyers in buildings, emails, TV screens in Nobel) o Manage the Pre-Health Club Facebook and Twitter • Director (For each health area: medicine, physician assistant, pharmacy, dentist) o Required at monthly meeting and officer meeting following those meetings o Coordinate speakers for your individual division o Plan trips to visit prospective schools o Communicate with the treasurer if funding is needed for an event o Coordinate specific mentoring activities • Assistant Director (For each health area: medicine, physician assistant, pharmacy, dentist) o Assist the director o Work with Pre-Health Club Secretary to manage attendance for your division o Write thank you notes to speakers who visit or schools you attend
The Gustavus Adolphus Pre-Health Club is a local organization.
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register with leadership in order to become a member
RoleOrganization TitleFull NameE-mail
AdvisorPre-Health Club AdvisorHeather
PresidentPre-Health Club PresidentKat
Vice PresidentPre-Health Club Vice PresidentErin
SecretaryPre-Health Club SecretaryHayley
TreasurerPre-Health Club TreasurerEli
Risk ManagerPre-Health Club Media SpecialistJack
MemberPre-Medicine DirectorAndrea
MemberPre-Medicine Assistant DirectorHannah
MemberPre-Physician Assistant DirectorCaitlin Fitzchowan
MemberPre-Physician Assistant Assistant DirectorMichaela
MemberPre-Dentistry Co-DirectorKyle
MemberPre-Dentistry Co-DirectorMegan
MemberPre-Pharmacy DirectorLauren

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