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The Gustavus History Club

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The Gustavus History Club
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The mission of The Gustavus History Club is to promote History, both as a department, and as an Acaemic Discipline at Gustavus Adolphus College. We seek to do this by providing resources for the study of History, and by providing events of scholastic, and social merit to the wider Gustavus Community. We also seek to facilitate communications between the Department of History and Students of History at Gustavus Adolphus College.
History Club Constitution Article I: Name of Organization The Name of this club shall be The Gustavus History Club Article II: Purpose The purposes of this club are: 1. Present programs of a historical focus and that hold an interest for the college community. 2. Facilitate communications between the History Department and History Students, between History Students, and between History and other Disciplines of Study by creating a forum for Academic discussion and social meeting. Promote meetings which help history students plan for careers and graduate education. Promote the department of History at Gustavus Adolphus College, and provide support for students within the department. Article III: Membership Section I: Members All full and part time student of Gustavus Adolphus College may become members. Only members shall hold offices. Only members and advisors may use funds, equipment, material, etc. supplied by Gustavus Adolphus College. Section II: Non-Members All people who are students of Gustavus Adolphus College are welcome to attend all meetings and functions operated by the club. These people will be defined as a non-member for they will not hold the right to vote and may not hold an office of the club, but participation and ideas from them will be welcome. Section III: Discrimination No student shall be denied rights or privileges of membership or otherwise discriminated against on the basis of sex, age, disability, race, creed, color, national origin, class, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Article IV: Officers of the Club All officers must be members. The officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers and the faculty advisor(s) reserve the right to appoint or elect any other office deemed necessary by the members. Section I: President The President shall officiate at meetings and work with the advisor(s) and members to plan all meetings and activities. In addition, the President will work with the secretary to prepare an agenda of each meeting. The President will also help to prepare the club budget request for the Student Senate. Section II: Vice-President The Vice-President will assist the President in all his or her duties. In addition, the Vice- President will supervise and assist all committees. The Vice-President will also assist in preparing the budget request. Section III: Secretary The Secretary will keep a membership list of all active members. In addition, the secretary will work with the President in producing an agenda for each meeting, as well as producing an accurate account of each meeting. The Secretary will also assist in preparing the budget and passing a multi-media memo to all current members. Section IV: Treasurer The Treasurer shall be in charge of all the financial affairs of the club and shall keep accurate records of all income and disbursements of funds. Vouchers will all be cosigned by he/she and the advisor. The Treasurer will also assist the president in preparing the budget. Section V: Faculty Advisor The Advisor must be a faculty/staff member of Gustavus Adolphus College and will be nominated and approved at the first fall meeting of each academic year. The Advisor will sign documents of fiscal and non-fiscal matters on behalf of the club when necessary. The Advisor shall co-approve all requisitions for funds. The club may have multiple advisors, if deemed necessary. The Advisor(s) shall not vote in club issues. The Advisor will assist the officers in planning the club activities, call meetings and sign vouchers. Section VI: Additional Officers Additional committees and offices can be created when necessary Article V: Election of Officers A meeting for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year shall be held in the spring semester of each year. At the meeting, nominations for all the officers shall be made and each officer shall be submitted to the vote of the membership present. To be considered for an officer position, a candidate must be an active member who regularly attends meetings. Section I: Vacancy of Offices If, at any time, an officer resigns or loses his/her membership, his/her office becomes vacant. At the next meeting, nominations and the election for the vacant office shall take place. If, during this lapse of time, duties of that vacant office are called upon, then the other officers shall perform those duties to the time of the election. Section II: Recall of Officers No person may hold the same office for more than two consecutive years. If an officer fails to fulfill the duties of his/her office, he/she may be recalled by two-thirds vote of the majority of the membership of the club. Article VI: Meetings The club shall hold, at minimum, two organized meetings per academic year. One in the fall to plan the year’s activities as well as approve of faculty advisor(s). The meeting in the spring will deal with electing club officers. Those meetings will be called by the officers and the advisor. Section I: Emergency Meeting Emergency meetings of the History Club can be called by any member of the club or History Department if a majority of the members, either of the Gustavus History Club or the Faculty members of the Department, feel it is needed. Article VII: Amendments Any amendments or changes to the club constitution must be approved by a 2/3 vote by club members. Article VIII: Dissolution If the club should dissolve while there is still money in the budget, all monies will be return to the Student Senate.
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