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Gustavus Curling Team

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Gustavus Curling Team
Sports and Recreation
Statement Of Purpose/ Mission
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the sport of curling, strive to educate Gustavus students regarding the sport, and foster the fundamental ideology of curling. It is with this hope and that to build a legacy in which the Gustavus community will find pride in this team.
Article I: Name and Mission Statement Section I: The organization shall be called Gustavus Curling Team Section II: The mission of the association is: To bring curling to a greater population at Gustavus Adolphus College. We will compete with schools and clubs outside of Gustavus. We strive to improve members curling abilities and build a team environment that everyone is connected to. Article II: Membership Section I: Any member of the Gustavus Adolphus College community may join the Gustavus Curling Team. It is recommended that members have an interest in curling. Team competition is coed so both males and females are encouraged to join. Article III: Officers Section I: Positions The positions available are 2 Co-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and Risk Manager. Section II: Purpose The officers will organize all fundraisers and events, manage funds and keep in close contact with our advisor. Section III: Candidacy All officers need to be enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. Nominations will be made first week in March and members will elect them. There is no limit on how many years an officer may hold a title. Section IV: The Co-President The Co-Presidents will organize weekly practices. Co-Presidents are also responsible for registering the team for meets/bonspiels and organizing a schedule for competition. Article IV: Meetings Section I: Practices will be held as decided by the team at the beginning of each year. Co-Presidents will strive to organize at least 2 weekly practice whenever possible during the Curling season. Article V: Finances Section I: Funds are allocated by the Gustavus Student Senate, received through off-campus grants, departmental allocations, and through donations. Article V: Amendments Section I: At anytime any member may propose an amendment to the constitution. A requirement of a 2/3 vote of the current members of the group is required for the amendment to be instilled.
Gustavus, Mankato Curling Club
Application Type
RoleOrganization TitleFull NameE-mail
PresidentCo-PresidentJoe Thayer
MemberMaxwell Stelzner
MemberMJ Sun
MemberAaron Lawrence
MemberBeatrice Winter
PresidentCo-PresidentGunnar Boettcher
TreasurerIan Elletson
SecretaryHannah Miller
Risk ManagerCo-PresidentGunnar Boettcher

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