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Hoffmann Learning Center

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Hoffmann Learning Center
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This organization provides juvenile male sexual offenders with a positive environment in which to thrive and learn about themselves and those around them. Through a variety of activities, the volunteers work with the clients to establish healthy relationships, acceptance of the past, and positive future goals.
Upon acceptance into the program, volunteers must participate in a orientation to talk through how the organization works, appropriate behaviors while volunteering, and overall expectations for participation. Volunteers may be assigned to a volunteer location, either North or Evergreen, depending on weekly client numbers. Volunteer attendance is required and a maximum of three excused absences per semester are allowed. Volunteers are required to follow a dress code: no shorts/dresses/skirts, no low cut shirts, and no clothing with hometown name or high school information are allowed. Any volunteer that does not abide by this dress code will not be allowed to volunteer that week. Volunteers sign up with a partner to plan a “theme” week; throughout the semester volunteers can expect to plan between 2 and 3 sessions. All information shared while at the Hoffmann Center remains confidential. Volunteers are not allowed to share the names or experiences of the clients at the center. The only exception to this rule is mandatory reporting. If a client shares information about past, current, and/or future information that may be a threat to his own safety of the safety of others, volunteers are required to report to the coordinators. The coordinators then report to the Hoffmann Center Staff and the proper action is taken.
Leo A. Hoffmann Center 1715 Sheppard Drive St. Peter, MN 56082
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AdvisorAdvisorDave Newell
Vice PresidentCoordinatorSavannah
Risk ManagerVolunteerKirstin

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