Student Orgs


Student clubs and organizations at Gustavus Adolphus College provide the campus community with activities, programs and resources that enhance the quality of student life. Students who participate in co-curricular activities are more likely to succeed at both personal and professional goals, develop leadership skills, form lasting friendships with peers and learn more about a chosen career field. Gustavus Adolphus College is working to deliver a comprehensive activities program that encourages student participation in clubs and organizations related to both their personal and professional interests. The student organization recognition process serves new and prospective students, College departments and administrators by providing accurate information about those groups. The recognition of student groups is intended to clarify the rights, privileges and responsibilities of each. All student groups wishing to function officially on campus are required to complete this recognition process annually. Students with like interests may, of course, meet informally. Unlike recognized clubs and organizations, however, they may not use the name “Gustavus Adolphus College” in their name, utilize campus facilities and services, sponsor fund-raisers on campus, or apply for Student Senate funding. They may partner with recognized student groups and/or College departments if they wish.

Student Org Space Allocation: Apply Here

Student Organizations are eligible to apply for office and/or storage space coordinated by the Campus Activities Office.  We have multiple spaces available for student org use including storage cabinets, closets and office spaces in both the Gustie Den and Johnson Student Union.

Please fill out the application on the link above to have your organization considered for allocation of these spaces. Priority deadline is April 27.

Gus Team Application : Apply here!

The Gus the Mascot is seeking students to join our Gus Team for the 2015-16 academic year. If you are looking for a way to be involved and interact this is a great opportunity.

Below you will find a detailed skills required, commitment, scheduling, and benefits descriptions. If you are interested or have any questions please stop in and see Scott Broady at the Campus Activities Office or e-mail them to

A non-competitive mascot program that will promote crowd interaction and school spirit through cheering, dance, and interactive crowd participation. Act as a representative for the college at Athletic, student body, VIP functions and public appearances.

Skill Requirements:
*Must be spirited and enthusiastic
*Must have excellent crowd interaction
*Must interact well with kids.
*Must be in good physical condition
*Must be able to appropriately respond to negativity from opposing teams fans and ultimately always stay positive
*Must be accountable, timely, and responsible.
*Must be positive and respect opposing teams, peers, athletes, coach, and advisor
*Must be at least 5'9" to be Gus

*Must attend practices/training sessions
*Must be available for Mascot meetings
*Must commit to approximately 2-4 hours per week

Students who meet the following criteria will be eligible:
*Has Student Employment as part of their financial aid package
*Is a proud Gustie
*Meets the above requirements