2015/FA Cultural Anthropology S/A-111 001 Annika Ericksen
2015/FA Cultural Anthropology S/A-111 002 Annika Ericksen
2015/FA Princ of Sociology S/A-112 001 Elizabeth Jenner
2015/FA Princ of Sociology S/A-112 002 Elizabeth Jenner
2015/FA Social Problems S/A-113 001 Naomi Larsen
2015/FA Kinship, Marriage, and Human Sexuality S/A-231 001 Suzanne Wilson
2015/FA Social Inequality S/A-235 001 Suzanne Wilson
2015/FA ST:People Cultr/Africa S/A-244 001 Rosemarie Mwaipopo
2015/FA Methods of Research S/A-247 001 Elizabeth Jenner
2015/FA Methods Lab S/A-247 003 Elizabeth Jenner
2015/FA Anthro. of Religion S/A-259 001 Carol Prindle
2015/FA Criminology S/A-264 001 Suzanne Wilson
2015/FA Psychological Anthropology S/A-266 001 Carol Prindle
2015/FA Ethnic and Religious Conflict S/A-270 001 Carol Prindle
2015/FA Sociological Theory S/A-375 001 Naomi Larsen