Gustavus Sigma Xi
2001 Undergraduate Research Symposium
Research Symposium Abstracts
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Chair: Chuck Niederriter
Chair: Cindy Johnson-Groh
Chair: Bill Heidcamp
Chair: Larry Potts
1:30 Jonathan Skovholt
Read-resonator coupling for a read organ pipe
Michael Henderson
Evaluating the Impact of Source Credibility on Eyewitness Memory
Laura Owen
Contact Angle Measurements
1:45 Jason Haaheim
Evaluating Trombone Performance Using An Ultrasonic Ranger to Measure Slide Position
Christopher Vaubel, Kristen Larson, Lisa Barajas, Marie Desaulniers
Relationships Between Leaf Scars and Roots in Genus Botrychium (moonworts)
Yong Soo Hoo
Raman Spectroscopy of dimethylaminonitrostilbene (DMANS)
2:00 Amy (Iverson) Horn
Reaction Zones of Metamorphosed Ultramafic Rocks: Marble Mountain Terrane, Siskiyou County, California
Louisa Kempema and Lisa Smart
A Morphological Investigation of Botrychuim Polyploids
Chris Krug
Friedel-Crafts Alkylation of Acenapthene with Different Lewis Acids
2:15 Jonathan Skovholt
Determination of Photon Transport Mean Free Path Length by Total Transmission Measurement
Jake Svard
Teenage Employment and Minimum Wage Effects
Kelly Devine
Design and Construction of a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
2:30 Rob glover
The economic value of life
Tim Wilson
Investigation of Hyaluronic Acid Synthase Expression in Metastatic Melanoma
Philip Sass
Synthesis of Primary Alkylphosphines by a Phospha-Gabriel Route
2:45 Jon Miller
Investigations of Nonlinear Ricatti Systems
Timothy M. Sonbuchner
A Temporal Discrimination Model Derived from Electrophysiological Data of The Big Brown Bat.
John Zupancich: Exploration of the Reactivity of Buckminsterfullerene with Bis(trifluoromethyl)iodophosphine
3:00 Krista Wilhelmson
The Effect of Has3 Over Expression on Mouse Melanoma Metastasis
Philip Sass
The Chemisorption of Poly(N,n-octadecylacrylamide) on an Aluminum Oxide Surface
3:15 Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session Poster Session
Chair: Keith Carlson
Chair: Larry Wohl
Chair: Mike Ferragamo
4:00 Ryan Erickson
A Microstructure Analysis of Shear Zones near Granite Falls, MN
Erik Diekrager
An Analysis of Rising Wage Inequality
Jim Eckberg
Effects of Burn and Mow Treatments on Above-Ground Biomass and Nutrient Levels in Two Restored Tallgrass Prairies
Metal Nanowires by Electrodeposition    Reginald Penner (Gustavus 1984), University of California at Irvine  Refreshments
4:15 Gregory D. Joslin
A stratigraphic and Sedimentological Study of the Minnesota Valley Minerals Cretaceous Clay Mine near Courtland, Minnesota
Jeremy Ahlgren
The Future of Labor Unions
Don Berkholz
Domains, Conformations, and Choices in D-3-Phosphoglycerate Dehydrogenase
4:30 Nana Benhene Prempeh
Unemployment in Less Developed Countries
Anna Felkey, Katie Phillippe, Amanda B. Young
Underground Distribution and Density of Botrychium campestre
4:45 Veronique Gronhovd
The Gorbachev Reforms and Labor Conditions in the Former Soviet Union