Gustavus Sigma Xi Symposium - 2000 Abbreviated Schedule      link to full abstracts
Time Session 1a Nobel Hall, Room 201 Session 1b Nobel Hall, Room 222
1:30 The Synthesis of Substituted Aryl Diazonium Salts for the Rapid Detection of
Cyanide by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Spectroscopy

Sarah J. Spessard

1:45 Polyacrylamide on an Aluminum Oxide Surface

Philip Sass

2:00 Towards the Structural Biology of the Cytomegalovirus UL97 Gene Product

Thomas E. Grys

Evaluation of Epitope Specificity of Antibody Generated by Infection or Immunization with Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup B

Jennifer Keis

2:15 Mechanism of Hydrolysis of Toluene Sulfonates

Kelly Devine, Patrick Rider

Investigation of a Possible Role for CD44 in Repression of Metastatic Potential of Murine Melanoma by the Adenvirus E1A 12S Gene Product

Tim Wilson

2:30 Comparison of Coomassie Brilliant Blue and Zincon as Protein Assay Reagents

Ann Augustine, Jessica Olson

Chondroitin Sulfate Assembly sites, CD44, and Tumorgenicity: A Correlation

Beth Peter

2:45 Preparation and Multinuclear NMR Analysis of

Ashley W. Jensen

Hydroacoustic Survey and GIS Modeling of the Kenai River

Dan Engel u

3:00 Flavanolignans: Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity

Jeffrey B. Johnson

Walk, Wade or Swim? Evidence of Vertebrate Locomotion in a 300 Million Year Old Lake

Brooke Swanson




Poster Session & Reception

Nobel Hall Lobby

Cesium and potassium phthaloylphosphanides
Ryan C. Nelson, Jeffrey B. Johnson

Mineralization of Collagen Fibers by Bioactive Glass Stimulated Chondrocytes
Laura Owen

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Poster Session & Reception

Nobel Hall Lobby

Preparation of Asymmetric Titanium Trisphenolate Complexes
Gina Kime

Proteases in Plant Development: Possibilities of GMOs and Pest Resistance
Jason Christiansen

Papain Activiy in the Presence of Cystatin and Hydroxyapatite

Aaron Johnson

  Session 2a Olin Hall, Room 220 Session 2b Nobel Hall, Room 222
3:45 Divisibility Properties of a Tribonacci Sequence

Andrew Shallue

Evidence of the Mozart Effect through the Analysis of Alpha-Wave Activity

Hearther Nelson

4:00 Investigation of Anomalous Magnetic Fields in a Classroom

Jessica Midgarden

Neural Modeling of Echolocation in the Big Brown Bat

Christine Torborg

4:15 Sound Distribution Of An Organ Pipe

Jonathan Skovholt

Reproductive Potential of Gleditsia tricanthos

Nathan Keller, Emily Orling

4:30 Monte Carlo Simulation of Scattering 

Larry Engelhardt

The Distribution and Abundance of Underground Gametophytes in Eight Species of Botrychium (Moonwort Ferns)

Laura C. Schoessler, Chanda Riedel, Krissa C. Skogen

4:45 Low-Coherence Optical Reflectometer

Christopher Holstrom

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