Gustavus Sigma Xi Symposium - 1999
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Time Session 1a Nobel Hall, Room 201 Session 1b Nobel Hall, Room 222
1:45 Breaking Winter Dormancy in Grapeferns and Moonworts

Chanda Riedel

Use of new technologies to enhance corporate training practices: Tennant Company 

Jason Biederman, Nathan Hanel, Marc Oien, Adam Patterson

2:00 Preparation and Characterization of Alkali Phthaloylphosphides

Ryan C. Nelson

Human resource issues in mergers and acquisitions: Medtronic Inc. 

Bryce Anderson, Joy Holicki, Cameron Isaacson, Jon Kurtz

2:15 Phenytoin Inhibits Synthesis of the Inflammatory Mediator Nitric Oxide in Macrophages at the Transcriptional Level 

Marc Newell

Strategies for addressing diversity in the workplace: Minnesota Wire and Cable Company 

Allison Adrian, Laura Johnston, Hiroko Kakiuchi, Sarah Grabau

2:30 Asymbiotic culture of Botrychium spores in vitro

Neal C. Buddensiek

Sweden's views of the European Union: Cultural perspective 

Ulia Paraskova

2:45 The Distribution of Underground Gametophytes in Botrychium virginianum (rattlesnake fern) 

Laura C. Schoessler

Stress and work-life linkages: St. Paul Companies

Sara Gates, Wade Gustafson, Kellie Meyer, Ari Silkey

3:00 Preparation and Reactions of Bis(trifluoromethyl)phosphine and Perfluoro-2-phosphapropene

Jeffrey B. Johnson

Characterization of the S15 Ribosomal Protein gene family expression in Arabidopsis thaliana by relative RT-PCR

Brian North




Poster Session & Reception

Nobel Hall Lobby

Psychological and Physiological Responses to a Natural Disaster in College Students
Melissa Gardner

Noise Emissions from Energy-Efficient Fluorescent Lights
Caroline Ginder 

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Poster Session & Reception

Nobel Hall Lobby

Plasma-Produced Thin Polymer Films
Dan Asleson, Matt Cunningham

A New Permian Vertebrate Locality in North-Central Oklahoma
Susan Joy

A New Permian Trackway Locality in North-central Oklahoma
Brooke A. Swanson

  Session 2a Nobel Hall, Room 222 Session 2b Nobel Hall, Room 201
3:45 Characterization of Chondroitin Sulfate Attachment Sites in Melanoma

Beth A. Peter

2-Dimensional NMR Structures of Organic-Titanium Complexes 

Jeremy Weaver

4:00 TEM Immunolocalization of CD44 on Metastatic Melanoma with CS Disruption 

Timothy Wilson

Surface Modification of Polymers by Plasma Oxidation 

Michael Bukowski

4:15 Colocalization of CD44 and Vinculin in Mouse Melanoma

Jennifer T. Keis 

Hydrolysis of Polyacrylamide 

Stephanie Truhlar

4:30 Synthesis of Asymmetric Tris-phenol Metal Complexes 

William Appiah

Time-Resolved Photon Correlation Spectroscopy 

Brian Smith, Chiew-Seng Koay

4:45 C-Alkylation Versus O-Alkylation of 1,3-Cyclohexanedione to Produce 2-Methyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione

Stephanie Endsley

An Asessment of Meiofauna in the Drainage Systems of Rush River and Robards Creek

Rebecca Snyder, Jodi Morris

5:00 Mechanism of Hydrolysis of Phenyl p-Nitrotoluenesulfonate

Kelly Devine, Phillip Fatka

Behavioral profiles of an all-male gorilla group at Como Zoo, St. Paul, MN 

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