Gustavus Sigma Xi Symposium - April 30, 2004
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Session 1a, Nobel Hall, Room 201
Session 1b, Nobel Hall, Room 222

Peripheral Auditory Processing Model of Frog

Amit Bohara

Synthesis of Fluorous Phthaloylphosphines

Carolyn Gamble

Electrophysiological Characterization of Single Cell Response Patterns
in the Auditory Midbrain of the Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens)

Kimberly McArthur


Headspace Analysis of Chemical Taggants in Plastic Explosives

Joseph Katzenmeyer

Coping with Shyness: Physiological, Genetic, and Social Contributions to Personality Traits

Lisa Swenson, Jake Hansen, & Alyssa De Haan

Model System for Examining Radial Distribution Functions

Cory Christenson and Kelly Younge

Tropical Storms of Southeastern Minnesota:
Analysis of Late Cambrian Flat-pebble Conglomerates in the St. Lawrence Formation

Nathan Suurmeyer




Poster Session & Reception
Nobel Hall Lobby

Phonetic Interpretation and Influence of Sentence Semantics
Aaltje Baumgart

Paleoautecology of Renalcis, a Calcified Microbe
from Cambrian Reef Complexes: a Quantitative Approach

Ali Cordie

Mercury in Voyageurs National Park Aquatic Food Webs
Bjorn Gangeness

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Poster Session & Reception
Nobel Hall Lobby

Resonance Raman and computational study of resveratrol
and related stilbene derivatives

Justin Scanlan

Moving Toward an Investigative Laboratory Curriculum --
Affinity Purification of Recombinant Fumarase

Emily King

Measurement of Contaminated Groundwater Discharge to Surface Water
at Seven Mile Creek, Nicollet County, Minnesota

Samuel M. Johnson

Session 2a, Nobel Hall, Room 201
Session 2b, Nobel Hall, Room 222
3:45 Worthwhile Wind? The Feasibility of Wind Power at Gustavus

Jared Lee and Carl Ferkinhoff

Primary Attachment and Metastasis 24-48 Hours Post Injection Using EGFP in B16 Melanoma

Matthew D. Schwartz and David Heldman

Acoustical Interferometry and Imaging

Andrew Konicek

Effects of Nitrate Additions on Melilotus officinalis

James Eckberg & Elizabeth Bockman

4:15 Organ Pipe Reeds and Acoustics

John Purdham and Dave Fowler

Does Phenytoin Affect iNOS Directly?

Eric Boyum

4:30 Time Resolved Photon Correlation Spectroscopy 

Scott Ernst and Nate Johnson

The Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reactions of Silyloxyfurans

Philip Williams


Analysis of Herbicides in the Minnesota River by SPME-assisted GC-MS

Joseph Katzenmeyer

Examination of Methods in the Release of Physical Dormancy in a Prairie Legume

Emily Helliwell


Visualization of Relativistic Objects

Scott Ernst

Stress and Performance: A Longitudinal Study of the Swim Season

AnnMarie Miller