Words of Praise

Leah Wynveen, Student '07

When I came to Gustavus I walked right by the CVR. As I continued onto the library I did pause for a second to think a little about what the "Center for Vocational Reflection" meant anyways? I didn't think that I would ever enter that office or talk to any of the people there because I already knew what career I was going to have. I knew I was going to be a teacher, but I didn't realize that finding your vocation was different than finding your career. Little did I know how great of an impact the CVR would have on my life during my time here at Gustavus.

During my sophomore year I heard of the summer servant leadership scholarship program (or SSLP) that was for people that chose to take jobs during the summer where the focus of the job is being a servant. I didn't really know what that meant as I signed up for the scholarship, but I knew that working for a bible camp qualified. The SSLP program turned out to change me in more ways that I can express in words. One experience that I distinctly remember during our sessions was during a retreat that we took right after our summers had ended. On this retreat we talked about what it really meant to us to be a servant. We talked about how our definitions of being a servant could find their ways into our everyday lives. I discovered that I could be a servant not only in my teaching career, but also in my life and vocation. Most of all through this program I discovered, that my career will be teaching, but my vocation or calling is to create art that affects people in some way and honors God as well. I found who I really was through this program and through the amazing people that make the CVR what it is.

The CVR makes up what Gustavus stands for. Gustavus is a college that cares for the students that go here and genuinely cares for their students even after they leave. The people that make up the CVR make it their goal to help the students here find their callings in life. I know that the CVR has impacted the way I look at the future as well as many others here. They helped me realize my calling in life and have truly changed who I am. I hope that my words help to show you the importance of this great place and resource that Gustavus offers. Most of all I hope that it provides a testimony of one of many students here that have been greatly impacted by the Center for Vocational Reflection.