Words of Praise

Tessa Carlsen, Student '07

We're never asked the BIG Questions. People are always asking us questions like, "Where are you going to work after you graduate?" or "How much money will you be making?" The CVR encourages students to ask the BIG Questions. These are the questions that most of us don't think about on a daily basis because we are never asked them.

"What is the meaning of my life?"

"Where does the world's deepest hunger meet my heart's deepest gladness?"

"What is the most important thing missing from my life right now?"

"What is the ingredient list of a highlight experience?"

I love questions like these because they force us to look deep inside of ourselves and dig out answers that we didn't know we had in us. I have had many opportunities to be profoundly impacted by the CVR throughout my four years here at Gustavus, but none have been as powerful as my year spent as an intern in the CVR. As an intern I have really been able to understand the profound importance of vocational reflection, especially at this significant point in our lives. Most students have no clue what they will be doing after graduation. Students are faced with either 27 different job offers or not at all. Texas or Tennessee? Lawyer or Social Worker? The CVR is here for students to wrestle through these questions and difficult decisions.

I can't speak highly enough about the CVR, Chris and Amy, and the importance of the CVR on our campus. It is a valuable and unique asset to Gustavus that has clearly impacted many lives forever.