To learn about what to expect and how to prepare for interviews, see the Seeking Career Opportunities and Interviewing Guide. The Career Library also has interview books, many focusing on the tough questions you worry about being asked. You can check out the books for up to two weeks.

InterviewStream is a web-based tool available to all Gusties. Create your account using your Gustavus email address, login, and create your practice interview. You will need a webcam, as a video of an employer will ask you questions and then your response will be recorded. once your responses are recorded you can play them back to check for errors, complete a self-assessment, and send them to anyone of your choosing for feedback and suggestions. (InterviewStream is also used by students doing internships or career explorations to record responses to reflection questions). If you run into any problems using InterviewStream, call Career Development at x7272 for assistance.


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InterviewStream a drop and drag customized interview program. This is a fantastic way to verbally practice your answers to interview questions you select, while in the privacy of your dorm room. You can then playback the footage and watch your body language in order to fully refine your interviewing skills.

View the InterviewStream Webshop

Seeking Career Opportunities and Interviewing Guide

General Practice Interview Questions Handout

Better Talking is a website through which you can have a free practice phone interview!

InterviewStream Webinar is about 30 minutes of experts giving you an overview of advice on how to ace your interview.



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