Site Supervisor Information

As site supervisor, we look to you to create an environment where students are challenged and supported throughout their experience. As site supervisor, you serve as a mentor and your openness and accessibility are extremely important to the success of the internship program.
The following suggestions may he helpful as you work with student interns:
  1. Offer students orientation and training opportunities to explain your organization's expectations regarding work hours, dress, confidentiality, etc..
  2. Be prepared to invest time in interns, particularly in the first few days. Ideally, set a daily or weekly meeting time to "check in" and answer questions.
  3. Engage students in pre-professional activities; though it is a part of any job, limit clerical or menial tasks such as filing, copying and answering phones as much as possible.
  4. Assist students with learning about the larger issues of your work, including how their work fits in with the mission statement of your organization.
  5. Provide students the opportunity to network with people within your organization to learn more about related career options.
  6. Ask students to offer a final presentation or summary report of their experience.
At the end of the experience, we ask that you fill out an evaluation of the intern's work, preferably as a conversation with the student. Evaluations should be sent back to the Center for Servant Leadership: Career Development and will be forwarded to the student and their faculty sponsor, as well as kept on record in Career Development.
Click here for the Site Supervisor Evaluation Form.
Information regarding compensation:
Internships are valuable experiences for students whether the internship is paid or unpaid. Often students work to support themselves in college. Many will register to receive academic credit for their experience. If your organization is not required to offer a wage for an internship, offering a stipend or reimbursement of transportation or parking fees could be considered. Information on if a student must be paid under the Federal Labor Standards Act can be found at the following sites:

Department of Labor -- Wage and Hour Division

Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs under the Fair Labor Standards Act


If problems arise during the internship or career exploration period, please contact:
Vince Thomas, Director, Internship Program
(, 507-933-7509)



Updated 1/7/2014 JMV