About the PCAT Exam

Official website for the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is offered on one of more dates in September, October, November and January.

Format of the PCAT

The PCAT consists of seven subtests. Five multiple-choice subtests and two writing:
1. Writing (30 minutes) 1 Writing Topic
Conventions of Language
Problem Solving
2. Verbal Ability (30 minutes) 48 items
Analogies 60%
Sentence Completion 40%
3. Biology (30 minutes) 48 items
General Biology 50%
Microbiology 20%
Human Anatomy & Physiology 30%
4. Chemistry (30 minutes) 48 items
General Chemistry 50%
Organic Chemistry 30%
Basic Biochemistry Processes 20%
Rest Break
5. Writing (30 minutes) 1 Writing Topic
Conventions of Language
Problem Solving
6. Reading Comprehension (50 minutes) 6 passages & 48 items
Comprehension 30%
Analysis 40%
Evaluation 30%
7. Quantitative Ability (40 minutes) 48 items
Basic Math 15%
Algebra 20%
Probability & Statistics 20%
Precalculus 22%
Calculus 22%
*In the five multiple-choice subtests there are eight experimental items embedded in each test so 40 are core items that count towards your score (40 out of 48 items). One of the two writing subtests is also experimental.
Within six weeks of your test date you will receive your personal Score Report by regular mail. The personal Score Report lists the percentile rank for each of the five multiple-choice subtests and a composite score for the total multiple-choice test. The scaled scores for the multiple-choice subtests range from 200 to 600. Each of the Writing subtest scores is displayed as a single score on a scale of 0 to 5.0.




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